Monday, July 8, 2013

New Jenny Lind Toddler Bed in da' house

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! We got to enjoy a fun kid's parade, go swimming at our local pool, cook out on the grill and enjoy some fireworks with the neighbors. A fun filled day for all. And sorry this post is a little late, but with rain in the forecast every day last week it was hard to get this project finished.  Here is the Jenny Lind toddler bed I found on Craigslist for just 25 bones. That's right!  Probably upwards of $200 new and still in perfect shape. Of course it wasn't this color, but the color of light blond wood.   I gave it a good sanding, scrubbing, primer and two coats of "Snow" by Valspar high gloss spray paint.  The fabric that you see, is a new pillow case I sewed the day the bed got assembled in the living room while the kids napped.  

Here is her cute new bed in her room, all dressed and ready for sleeping/reading/lounging. As you may recall I sewed the duvet for her and the pink striped sheet.  The pillow with the navy stripe is from Ralph Lauren. 

This is the pillow I sewed for her with fabric from called "In the Navy Rings."  I love the Navy rings with pink dot accents.  I attached ric rac around the opening edges for a cute detail.

The pillow case with the large rings goes so well with coordinating duvet in navy blue and white polka dots.

Here's an angle from her level showing you more of that gallery wall. This is not where I originally intended for the bed to go since I planned on having a bed that went on the big wall, but I thought this would be safer so she can't fall out as easily. Luckily the bed and coral dresser fit pretty well in this corner.

Still thinking I should change out the fox lamp shade to white, it's currently soft baby blue, but maybe I'll just add some dots?

Here's a wider shot of the sleeping corner.   And I'm sure you're wondering about the rug by now.  Since we just redid the floors to solid hard floors, she definitely needed something soft to play on.  She thinks it her "dancing rug." It has a super thick soft wool pile and it's from It's called the Handmade Luna Moroccan Trellis Navy Wool rug.  I think it's out of stock right now, but maybe they will get more later.  I chose it because 1) she needed a rug 2) I loved the dark rich Navy color to give a bold graphic punch to the room 3) the soft curves of the Moroccan design was a nice contrast with the stripes on the bottom of the curtains and the polka dots of the bedding and 4) It was a good price for the quality.

So glad the girl has a place to sleep now, she was on the floor for about a month. Not literally on the floor but on her mattress.  I'm hoping that I can get some "finished" pics on her room soon for you. So stay tuned. It's another lazy summer week around here for us as we soak in these last few weeks of summer for the oldest. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jenny Lind Toddler Bed

Wow!  I got so lucky on Sunday when my Craigslist dreams came true.  About two weeks ago I found a sweet Jenny Lind toddler bed (discontinued back in 2006) on craigslist for $25.  It looks exactly like the bottom bed in this photo also seen here.

The lady said it was still available but because she lived 30 minutes away and wasn't able to meet but in the evenings, I told her we would like to pass on the bed.  Then after discussing with my husband how he would have no time this month to make our daughter a bed from scratch using fabric for a headboard and how it would cost at least $75 to make a bed, I wrote back to the lady to see if the Jenny Lind toddler bed was still available.  She didn't respond for an entire week but finally yesterday she told me that it was still available and that her computer was giving her problems all week.  Oh sweet Day!  So Joe drove down Sunday night to Cary to pick it up. Luckily I still had $25 in my wallet for when I thought we were going to buy it two weeks ago.  

So now my head is spinning with ideas for paint colors.  

I could go classic white as seen here.

Or here.

Here as seen in Land of Nod.

 A pretty aqua as seen here.

And here. BTW, if the bed we found was a twin (which maybe we'll get later on the down the road when she outgrows the toddler size) we can make a trundle bed to match.

Black is always classic! Seen here by Land of Nod.

I love this room. Here they are painted them a soft gray.

It's raining a lot here, so painting the bed is going to have to wait until it clears up. In the meantime, we're planting tomatoes, green peppers, and cilantro in the garden.


Monday, July 1, 2013

More DIY art and vintage finds

Slowly but surely getting E.'s room back together.  I've collected all sorts of things for her wall collage, some vintage and some hand made. Here's a little look-sie. 

E.claire admiring her new wall collage from her mattress on the floor. :)

I'm starting to think I made a good decision leaving the wall color a soft baby blue.  I think it really fits the new Navy and Coral colors we have going on.  So from top left I'll describe each thing for you.  The white frame with a picture of Audrey Hepburn says "Happy Girls are the Prettiest" that was taken from my Pinterest board. It's a great reminder to be happy with yourself for who you are. The next picture says "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."  This was also taken from Pinterest.  Then we have a framed Henry Mancini record of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Can you tell I love Audrey Hepburn yet? Hopefully my daughter will too.  Below that I took an old frame and spray painted it white and added some coral wallpaper I found at Target and centered a cute picture of my daughter when she was around 2 riding on wagon at a farm.  Very fond memories of the Fall in NC.  Right below that are two foam blocks wrapped in fabric with silhouettes taken from The Graphics Fairy and decorated with ric rac and trim. To the left of that another white spray painted frame with a print from Better Homes and Gardens with the quote, "It's the People I love that make this house a Home.  You can click on their printables section and find it.  To the left of that I hung a rosary bracelet.  It's pretty and red and she can look at it and know where my history is. After that the gray framed gold faux taxidermy art I crafted a few weeks ago. Above that a vintage embroidered girl that my Grandmother made years ago in a brass frame. And finally in the center, the vintage oil painting I found at a local thrift store for $15. It's signed "R. PASANAULT." It ties in the baby blue, dark blue, white, and coral nicely. The lantern in the corner was a clearance find at $2 at Target. Not sure if it will stay, or maybe I'll add a light to it later on.

As for how I decided on an arrangement, I laid everything on the floor first and played around with it. I measured how much space on the wall I had and made sure everything would fit.  I used a ruler and pencil to mark where the holes would go. I got pretty lucky and didn't have to make more nail holes than I needed.

And some close-ups so you can see details.

And a slightly different angle. I think I can fit more stuff on the wall, what do you think?  Still looking for a lamp for our little table and we think we found a bed for E.claire so that will be fun to makeover (we decided not to craft a new one for her due to time constraints and more pressing projects like fixing wood rot on our front windows.  Plus we want to enjoy the summer a bit more.

Stay tuned for more bedroom pics and final room pics hopefully by the end of the week!


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