Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's cards 2017

The kids and I decided that this year it would be way more fun to make valentine's cards then to buy ready made cards.  We were inspired by all the great cards on Pinterest but decided these were the best.
For these we needed:
Simple white card stock
A rubber stamp that spells LOVE
A pink ink pad
Tiny plastic food bags
Pink jelly bellies, we purchased Cotton candy flavor and bubble gum flavor from a local candy store. For three classes we spent $30.
A pen

That's it! Super simple but classic.

Happy Valentine's day!!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Leopard Master Bath

I'm so glad I decided to hang on to the leopard stencil I won from Royal Design Studio that I once used in my daughter's room.  Spinning ideas around for a cute (and cheap) bathroom makeover I thought this room called for something fun and exciting. It literally cost almost nothing.  

The whole bathroom went from "Agreeable Gray" by Sherwin Williams to Snow Bound by Sherwin Williams in a Semi-Gloss finish. The reason I changed the wall color was because it was painted in a flat paint, which as you know is very hard to clean and shows every mark.  Once it was totally white, I thought a black leopard print would look great. 

The stencil I used is from Royal Design Studio. I used a round foam paint brush to apply the paint. I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in the color "Carbon."  Let me say, the process of stenciling this tiny bathroom took forever! I had to do one section at a time and let it dry. Otherwise I was smearing black paint when I placed the stencil sheet over the overlapping parts.  I would do only 2-4 sections a day, so it took almost two weeks to finish.  When I was finished, I went back with a regular paint brush to touch up each spot. Then I went back in with white paint to touch up any smears.

Today I shopped for pretty flowers and decided to give it a go designing my own bouquet. Do you think I have a future in floral design? :)

For the art I found a Hawaii and California image that I printed on Card Stock and framed with white picture frames from Michaels.

Did you notice my gold handle on the toilet?  I painted it with acrylic craft paint.  So far so good. It adhered really well.

The light fixture was a fun DIY project. Joe simply detached the mushroom light that was in there and took off the glass dome cover. I spray painted it gold and then I strung 20 - 16 mm white wooden beads onto 15 strands of fishing line.  We drilled 15 holes and tied them on the inside. I gathered it and tied it off with white thread.  When I was looking for light fixtures, beaded ones were upwards of $250.  Instead I spent $4. :)

A reminder of how the bathroom looked when I started. Snooze.

Hopefully soon I can show you the rest of the bathroom. 

Happy February!

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