Wednesday, October 13, 2021

DIY Halloween coffin

Something about 2020 and 2021 has us going FULL Macabre. We spend every day making something for Halloween. Today we illustrate how to make your own coffin out of exterior grade plywood. This thing will last a lifetime -maybe even an afterlife! 💀

The instructions and supply list are below.  This entire project took about 2 days. The first day was buying the supplies, cutting everything and making just the base. The second day was building the lid, staining and then applying the finishing touches. 

The stain is by Valspar called One-Coat Exterior Stain and Sealer in Semi-Transparent and the color is Darkest Night.

DIRECTIONS (Changed a bit from the Popular Mechanics Website)
1. Layout all of your wood and draw the shape of the bottom of the coffin and cut it to shape using a circular saw.

2. Eyeball the angle setting on your circular saw and make some test cuts on scrap to get the miter.

3. Begin with the long side on the left (D). Crosscut it slightly overlong then use the circular saw to cut its mitered end. Temporarily fasten it to the bottom. Follow the same procedure with the short side that abuts it (C). Crosscut it slightly overlong, cut its mitered end, and temporarily fasten it.

4. Place the head board (B) so you can mark its length and angled ends. Cut it to length and fasten it. Now mark the angle on the overhanging end of the short side (C). Remove it, cut the short side to length and permanently fasten it to the bottom board.

5. Work your way around the coffin, temporarily fastening each side, cutting the miters and angled ends as you go. The last cut will be the angled end on the long side where you started (D).

6. Lay the five 1 x 6 for the lid on the work bench and crosscut some scraps for three inner cleats across their width. Leave an inch of air space between the end of each cleat and the edges of the 1 x 4. Fasten the cleats with drywall screws.

7. Invert the coffin on the 1 x 6s, aligning its center with the middle of the center board. Mark the coffin perimeter on the boards and cut the lid to shape. Turn the lid right side up and fasten three more scrap wood cleats across its top.

8. Complete the coffin by staining it and adding hardware like handles and making holes for the rope. 

Coffin Materials List

Part A (Bottom), 3/4" x 24" x 72"

Qty: 1

Part B (Head board), 3/4" x 11 ¼" x 14"

Qty: 1

Part C (Short side ) 3/4" x 11 ¼" x 16 1/8"

Qty: 2

Part D (Long side) 3/4" x 11 ¼" x 58"

Qty: 2

Part E (Foot board) 3/4" x 11 ¼" x 12"

Qty: 1

Part F (Lid) 3/4" x 25 ½" x 73 ½"

Qty: 1

Part G (Cleat) Size and length to suit.

Qty: 6
Construction Notes:
All dimensions are maximum outside
Scrap wood cleats are cut and placed to suit
Gaps are okay, especially if coffin is lighted from inside

Shopping List

1" x 6" x 8', Qty: 3

1" x 6" x 8', Qty: 5

1 ¾ x 4' x 8' ply., exterior grade

1 box of No. 8 x 1 5/8" screws

1 pkg 3/8 in. twisted sisal rope, 2 Four foot chains, anchor shackles, stain and spray paint.

Can't wait for Halloween night so we can add our Dummy to the inside. And with our new Fog machine the yard will look extra spooky. 

Happy October!


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Moody Master Bedroom

  We had a very fun time making over our Master Bedroom. I'm just waiting on one lamp shade but for the most part it's ready.  It's our "last" room makeover for a while because now summer is almost over and it's time to get the kids back to school.  I'm sure when things settle back down there will be another big project on the horizon.    We did quite a lot to the bedroom.  We added picture frame molding, crown molding, a chair rail, and Craftsman window trim.  I painted the ceiling  "Ammonite" by Farrow and Ball and the walls are painted Worsted by Farrow and Ball.   I DIY'd a new headboard using Schumacher fabric.  I found pretty lamps in a vintage shop and gave them new shades and finials.  The bedding is new. I found two similar size dressers used and refinished them with a worn look.  There's a vintage Federal Style mirror above the bed and a contemporary piece I painted.  The sitting area has a vintage yellow chair, new foot stool, mirror and lamp. The curtains are all new.  All the sources are linked below. Hope you enjoy.

Having a bedroom that's both tranquil and put together really helps relax at the end of the day. The darker wall colors and the velvet drapes have done wonders for our sleep! 
And as always a look back on this room when we moved in:

Source list
Wall Color (needed 2 gallons) -Farrow and Ball Worsted
Ceiling Color - Farrow and Ball Ammonite
King Duvet and Pillow cases  - Chloe by Peacock Alley
White Pillows - Joey by Anthropology
Blue Lumbar Pillow - Serena and Lily
Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shades - Ballard Design
White Linen Lamp Shade - Amazon
Porch and Den Black and White Men's inspired Foot Stool - Overstock
Yellow Bee Print Chair - Vintage C.R. Laine in Hickory NC
Leopard Print Rug - Safavieh
Federal Eagle Mirror - Ebay (you can search and find several)
5 96" panels Gray Velvet Drapes - West Elm
Headboard Fabric, Classics Woodland Silhouette Performance Fabric -Schumacher 
Gray Smoky Knobs - Etsy
Bristol Smoke Glass Round Knobs - House of Antique Hardware
Tassels - Amazon
Lamp Finials - Etsy
Hampton Bay Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Switch Plates and Switches- Home Depot
Retro Fan - Lowes
Gold Hardware on Black Dresser - House of Antique Hardware
All Lumbar and caulk for moldings -Lowes/Home Depot


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