Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Love

Here are some of my favorite Halloween pumpkin designs this year.

Cool black painted pumpkin

Bronze spray painted pumpkin with white polka dots

Monogrammed pumpkins

Trick or Treat stacked pumpkins

Painted Chevron stripes and white dipped pumpkins

Black pumpkin with "Boo" and stars

White pumpkin with wrapped lace


Monday, October 29, 2012

Woodsy PeaHens

We had our fun little neighborhood potluck this past weekend and wanted to share some fun photos of how we dressed and what we made.  We all decided on a "Woodsy" Woodland theme since some of the costumes were purchased last year on sale. One of the great costumes I found last year was this little 2T girl gnome costume from Target.  Here is my sweet E.claire dressed up and admiring the outside.

My costume was also purchased last year at a deep discount. It's called "Gretchen" but think I could be a fair maiden from the forest. :) I know it's a stretch.

My other sweet gnome child is here enjoying the fog machine in the living room.  My husband and I think his face looks photoshopped into a gnome costume kind of like the "Elf Yourself" from Office Max.    Those white patches of fur on his hat are supposed to be his eye brows, but his wee head is so large! His costume is also from Target.

My oldest son wanted to be a Lumberjack to go along with the Woodsy theme. He looks thrilled here having his photo taken!  I found his shirt from the Goodwill and the Ax from the local Halloween store. 

My very open-minded husband agreed to be a tree. It was that or a Mushroom.  I had trouble locating a mushroom costume that wasn't a "Mario Brothers" mushroom so a tree is what he would be!  He's so tall and statuesque so it works great for him.  And my oldest son had fun trying to chop him down all night with his ax. 

I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes from a recipe found here with chocolate frosting found here.  The tops are sprinkled with black sugar crystals and the picks are from Target.

I put together this quick snack mix that included pretzel sticks, Cheezits, corn chips, and candy corn. We also served sliced green apples with caramel dip, "Swamp Water" (Cola and Bailey's Irish Creme topped with dark chocolate shavings,) and "Cider Punch."  Both of the drinks were from Better Homes and Gardens online.  Our guests also brought lots of yummy dishes that included Mac and Cheese, Vegetarian Lasagna, Green Salad, candies carrots, veggie patter, and chips and dip.

Hope everyone has a very Safe & Happy Halloween!!

The PeaHen Pixies!

Friday, October 26, 2012

A scary scarecrow

This has to be the scariest guy on the block. My husband thought him up on Sunday with the kids there to help.  We used Joe's old clothes to stuff with hay and two wooden boards nailed like a cross to prop him up.  I thought the mask in our attic made for a great head. What do you think? Scary? Too scary?

We left some hay around on the ground for a nice barn touch to our garden.

Here's the scary masked guy from outside our front window. He creeps me out every time I look out the window. 

He's going to watch the trick or treaters come down our drive way and scare the beejezus out of them! So much fun.

We're one day away from our annual Halloween neighborhood potluck. We'll be getting ready all day for that probably and pics to follow on Monday!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Velcome to our Halloween porch

Last year we DIY'd a mummy and shared it with you. He's been resting in our attic since last year so we pulled him out again this year. He looks spookier this year! Trust me when I say that every time I went up into the attic and saw him there it freaked me!

Here's our friendly spider that hangs in front of our porch windows. His big web flanks the glass behind him.

Our friendly light-up pumpkin now sits outside on our little side table. He used to live in our front window facing out, but he looks better outside.

When you stand directly in front of our door, you see this gravestone (purchased at Target last year) to your right. As you move the face changes to a grimacing skeleton.

So there you have it, our Halloween porch. More outsoor pics to come!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going Batty!

A fun and easy craft you can do with your kids is cutting out paper bats.  I found a template online and simply traced a bunch onto black construction paper and used double sided tape to tape them across the front windows.

They look great from both sides and with just our sheer white curtains closed at night they really stand out.

Fun and easy!  Hope this inspires you this Halloween.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paper Haunted house

My oldest son who is six was so proud of himself for building this paper Halloween haunted house.  It came in a box from Home Goods last year and this year his Dad and him built it. 

There were a lot of pieces to put together including lots of bats, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, and flying witches to cut out and prop up.

Here he is playing with the bats on a wire from the house.

"Look at the pumpkins," he says as he points them out to his sister.  He was so proud it.  The cool thing about this house is that it's actually a centerpiece so we'll it for our big Halloween potluck. It came with a cackling sound maker and there's room inside the house for an electric candle to light up the windows. It should be pretty fun for the kids at the party.   I think I even scored it for just a couple of dollars.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Mantel

It's so fun spooking up the fireplace mantel and this year was pretty simple.  I just put up stuff I already had from last year in a new and fun way. I placed Halloween books on either end of the mantel.

I reused my apothecary jars to add some fake plastic skulls inside. One has white buttons with a glass ball with the letter "P" on it. The other two are empty -still trying to figure out what to put in them.

Across the mirror is the banner "Trick or Treat."

The black crow is placed atop three black scary books and the mirror tree came from Home Goods last year.

The fun continues tomorrow! We've got all kinds of scary things in store for you so stay tuned.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black Door Wreath

It's Halloween time!  Our favorite time of year around here.  Not sure what it is about the spooky holiday, but we go crazy for candy corn, Mallocreme pumpkins, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and all things scary and kooky.  I'm kicking off the first of many Halloween posts with my new black wreath for the front door.  It's not new this year, but purchased during the after Halloween sales last year. So this is the first year we get to enjoy it. I think it's looks awesome over the yellow door. And somehow the frosted glass even looks a little spookier. 

Hope your October is off to a spooky start.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 6 -and that's a wrap!

For the week 6 assignment in my Intro to Photography class I had to shoot one photo where the subject is framed with an object around them and one photo of lines or curves that lead your eye to the subject.

Here is my subject framed by the slide and the circle behind her head frames her face.  This photo got runner up in the class bunch so I was pretty happy about that.

Here is my "leading lines" photo showing a path that leads your eye to the barn in the background. 

I'm throwing in these shots because I can't get enough of the cuteness and neither will you..LOL.

That concludes my Beginning Photography class. It was well worth it!  I've learned so much. And if anyone is interested, my instructor is the wonderful Mike Dellerman at Durham Technical Institute. And next up, I'm hoping to take Beyond the Basics and share with you my assignments.

Until then...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Curious George 2nd birthday party

It's monkey business.  I told you I would share all the past birthday parties we've had for the kids, so up this week is a flashback to the year 2008 when my oldest son turned two!  To celebrate we took inspiration from his favorite book by Margaret and H.A. Rey: The Complete Adventures of Curious George . For colors, we chose all primary colors like red, green, and blue plus yellow.

I found Curious George party hats at Party City.

I made his cake and simply found a little Curious George figurine to add to the top, plus candy letters.

The morning brunch consisted of what other than bananas, fruit, muffins, and coconut cake..you know, things you find in a jungle.

Here's my birthday boy having his cake and playing with his monkey. :)

Daddy Joe and friend Scott enjoying the coconut cake.

I'm pretty sure my son is making a monkey face here while opening gifts.

Our small family at the time. It's nice looking back at these photos and realizing just how much our house and family have changed since then.

The after party outside finger painting on the back deck. Look at that lawn in the background! That's what we're now trying to achieve outside.

Hope this gave you some ideas for a Curious George party. Oooh Oooh Oooh Ah Ah!


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