Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspiration: Grey Paint

And we're off. Redesign is happening as we speak at Casa de PeaHen. Books are being boxed up. Furniture is being sold. You see, in two weeks Joe is installing new flooring. So now we have 2 weekends to paint and figure out the rest. We're going to go furniture-less until we can save up to buy the things we really like and we're hoping to make some built-ins for our TV wall. 

Last week at Home Depot I picked up 4 samples of paint.  The four samples being Smooth Stone by Glidden, Porpoise by Behr, Dolphin Fin by Behr, and Pebble Gray by Glidden.  Here are examples of each of them below you'll see where I painted a swatch in our living room.

Pebble Gray by Glidden seen here:

Smooth Stone by Glidden seen here:

Dolphin Fin by Behr seen here:

Porpoise by Behr seen here:

They are painted in this order on the wall. Top left is Smooth Stone by Glidden, Top Right is Porpoise by Behr, middle is Dolphin Fin by Behr and the bottom is Pebby Gray  by Glidden.  These photos were taken at 12 o'clock noon.

I painted some colors at the back door just to see them in that light.  I am having a really hard time deciding, so I'm taking a vote. Which is your favorite? You can say None of them and I won't be offended.

So many decisions. One minute I'm leaning towards Dolphin Fin, the next minute I'm leaning towards Pebble Gray. Help!



Sarni said...

Smooth Stone

Unknown said...

I never really thought of gray for a wall color...but you are right, the pics you chose are beautiful. It looks wonderful with pops of color. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

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