Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Summer Vibes Porch

My instagram poll was no help. I posted whether I should paint my porch railings White or leave Cedar and the pollers were split 50/50!  I let the season guide my choice as well as the style of my house and the balance of colors outside.  So it turns out White was the winner and I'm pretty happy about that choice. I spent exactly 10 hours yesterday priming all the railing, painting it and then staining the deck.  About a week ago I power washed everything and let it dry for two days. Then I sanded everything. Can anyone say Karate Kid?    My arms are sore and my back hurts but I love how it turned out. 

It has a very coastal feel now.  I will post more pics of the view looking from the patio below once I get the patio cleaned up.  I got rid of the big black rug and replaced it with this Bohemian Jute rug.  

For the white paint I used Sherwin Williams HGTV's weathershield in white. The Stain is Cabot Wood Toned Stain and Sealer in Heartwood.  The Primer is Zinsser 123.

I decided to clean up the table a bit by not cluttering it with too many plants. Now we can actually have our breakfast out here in the morning. The two blue and white throw pillows are new from Lowes. They are indoor pillows so I coated them with Scotchgaurd. 

Before starting the painting process I had to carefully remove my climbing rose bush but am happy to report that I was able to reattach it and I gave it a nice pruning since it had a lot of damaged leaves from a recent house cleaning where they used bleach. Never again!

This arrow metal shelf got a new paint job in Hammered Black.  

The little white table is a thrift store find and the basket on top serves as a great glass holder.

Well what's the verdict? Farm House Fresh? Country Coastal? Coastal Craftsman? I know there are people who would hate the fact that I painted the wood. But after reading so many websites that said either way, Paint or Stain, there is maintenance involved and stain doesn't last as long.  The stain that was on there previously was faded and dirty. Yes it's easier to stain, but in the end I think I like the painted look better.  Feels fresh and beachy.  

So here's the real interesting bit. I stained the stairs and deck skirt a slate gray.  My plan in the next week or so is to stencil a pretty pattern onto the front risers to give it a more dynamic feel. And from down below on the patio you only see white and slate. And only a hint of the wood deck color.  So there's not three colors competing.  Stay tuned for more deck photos next week!

 Happy Porch Sitting Days ahead!



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