Monday, June 29, 2020

DIY Pantry Makeover

Our Pantry Makeover is complete. Call it crazy to clean out a pantry in the middle of a pandemic, but I'm getting stir crazy!  It took at least a month to complete because I did what I could during the week and my husband did other things during the weekend. I have linked all the sources at the very bottom. 






The pantry may be on the bit fancy side. Why else would it be anything less! LOL.  It starts with this beautiful glass door and crystal knob. I used 2 coats of white wood stain with a clear glossy finish. I love that a glass door allows the entire space to feel bigger and give a view into it to show off the pretty wallpaper.

All of the shelves were built so it has a nice built-in look. Joe added wood to the floor and ceiling with rope trim to finish off some of the vertical shelves. The lower shelves are a great space for appliances and extra food storage.

The wine fridge was something I thought of when dreaming up the perfect pantry. Now was the time to put one in since we were custom building the shelves.

I wanted a pantry that could serve both as food storage, but also as a "butler's pantry." Joe added a cut out hole in the counter so that we could run an extension cord to plug in appliances like our bread maker or a coffee pot. We can also set this up as a beverage station for parties.

The pantry is both beautiful and functional. The wallpaper makes it so pretty in here and the shelves provide way more storage than before as they go right to the ceiling.

We are mostly a vegetarian household so you see a lot of grain/pasta storage. We also need our trash/recycling bins in here because we have a funny Airedale who likes to trash surf.

The under cabinet lighting is a pretty cool feature. We can dim them to several different levels and it creates wonderful ambient lighting. What's also cool is that it's motion censored with the wave of your hand.

The labels were made on my computer. I bought a special Font on Etsy and clear printer paper on Amazon.

The light fixture, with it's sea glass adds a little bit of a coastal feel.

The Carrara marble backsplash was pretty easy to install. We used a ready mixed Epoxy and a white grout. There were no outlets to work around and I bought a size tile that fit nicely with 5 exact layers. We made sure to check that the counter was level before dry fitting our tile. The backsplash has a matte finish, but the counter tiles have a glossy finish.

I hope you like it and inspires you to create the pantry of your dreams.

Sources/Cost Breakdown
Wood - Lowes $800
Wall Paint -  Benjamin Moore Paper White Already owned
White Wood Stain -Minwax $30
Clear Finish - Minwax $9.98
Paint on Lower shelves - BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint: Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in Ultra Pure White 3750 (I purchased a gallon size). The Color was custom color matched. $37
Door - Steves and Sons - $309
Door Handle - Nostalgic Warehouse $69.99
Wine Fridge - Kalorik - $499 (we got it on sale for $349.99)
Light Fixture - Kichler Kona Kay - $129
Food Storage - OXO Good Grips $17.99 x 7 = $135.68 (with tax)
Glass Food Containers - Crate and Barrel Heritage Hill Glass Jars - $19.95 x 6 = $128.97
Small Glass Jars - Yuleer - $40
Spahetti Container  Rubber Maid - $15.99
Cereal Dispensers - Zevro - $45.99 x 2 = $99.10
Labels - Avery - $12.20
Spice Mason Jars - Willdan- $19.95
Gray Extension Cord - GE - $9.95
Large White Baskets- Sweetzer & Orange Large Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket $21.87 x 4=94.26
Metal Baskets- RISATORP $12.99 x 3 = 42.05
White Plastic Baskets- Variera - $4.50 x 10 = 48.49
Tile for Backsplash - Somer Tile 2 cases - $251.04
Tile for Countertop - Satori - $1.89 x 30 = $64.45
Grout/Supplies (Epoxy, Trowel, Float, Grout) - $50
Under Cabinet Lighting - Black and Decker - $69.99
Wallpaper - Anthropologie Wildflower Study - $148.00
Trim -Rope Trim Lowes - $50
USB Wallcharger - Amazon $19.97
Mix and Match Napkins - Simply Whimsical $12.99
Marble Bowls - Lenox $13.99 x 6 =$83.94
Mistakes - $100 (tried marble and an epoxy counter top -failed twice!)
Total to Redo Pantry $3,474

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

DIY Pea Pebble Fire ring

It's usually always better to do things right the first time, which is something I'm still figuring out. When I decided to put in a fire ring in the backyard, I was thinking all I had to do was add landscape fabric in a circle formation and dump some pea gravel on it. Well as you can see from this pic, it didn't exactly hold up over time. You see there were gaps in the landscape fabric which meant my invasive Bermuda grass just kept creeping up. And then there is the border, or lack of border which started to drive me crazy. I like neat defined edges, especially when doing mowing and edging.  


This time I measured out a perfect ring with strings from the middle to the edge and spray painted as as I went along. I needed 60 feet of rubber edging and a lot of sweat equity to dig out the ring and push the 6" border down into the ground.  I added 20 more bags of pea gravel once the border was complete. 

A few weeks before I finished the ring, I also gave the chairs a good scrub and spray painted them with outdoor dark gray spray paint. 

The results are so much better and inviting.  Our garden along the fence as been spruced up too with the addition of a horse sculpture, citronella candles, landscape lights, and yard decorations.

I found the cute Navy Blue throw pillows and light blue blankets from my local At Home store.

Summer nights got a whole lot sweeter. Now to finish the patio project I started and wrap up our pantry makeover! Stay tuned.


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