Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Be back soon!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inspiration: French Boudoir

My partner in my Interior Design course is having me design her Master Bedroom or what she likes to call her "Boudoir."  She wants a romantic, pretty, french look. Her favorite colors are green and purple.  She said the room that is right off of her bedroom is green so to make it flow from one room to another I think I'm going to tie in green as an accent color in her bedroom, but make purple the main color.  I'm really leaning towards a beautiful purple for the walls. I want to keep the furniture neutral, perhaps painted white. For her bed I want to bring in a beautiful off white tufted headboard. To keep as much light in the room as possible, I would like to keep the window treatments simple in perhaps an ivory silk.  I will create a design board for my class, but will pull together a little mood board that I can post on the blog to show you. Here are some initial design inspirations I've pulled together so far for her room.




The color I had in mind for the walls are Sherwin Williams Baroness or Sherwin Williams Vigorous Violet. They are both gorgeous. It was also be nice if I can find a wallpaper for the wall behind the bed.

SW 6837 Baroness
1 Gallon of Benjamin Moore Interior Aura or Natura paint in Sherwin Williams Baroness color SW 6837

SW 6838 Vigorous Violet

Here is and example of the Vigorous Violet on one wall. I think it would be gorgeous in her bedroom.

contemporary living room by angela varela cunha

Hopefully I can pull together a mood board for this project soon so I can get started on finding samples for my presentation! Wish me luck!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inspiration: Daughter's room

This is week 3 of my Interior Design course at the local community college.  Our class project is to partner with someone in the class and design a room for them.  We will be presenting our design during the final day of class.  I will be designing a French Boudoir as my partner likes to call it. In other words a French style bedroom for her. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with! As for the room I picked for my partner to design, I chose a little girl's room. Because eventually my daughter will grow and want a space that doesn't feel like a baby nursery.  I know she's still too little to choose what she wants, but if I could choose for her, here is how I would design her room.

I am SO in love with the gray painted dresser, the hot pink armoire and the FLOR carpet squares. I love the bright and graphic pops of pink and gold mixed with black and white. The carpet tiles are from Flor. This room is artful, creative, stunning, and gorgeous. I could definitely decorate my daughter's room like this...but I may want it for myself. :) All images are via A Little Glass Box.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Keep Calm

It never hurts to change up your art in your house every now and again so it doesn't get borning. I loved my art print from my brother, but it was time for a little change. Here is the main wall in the "craft room/eat-in-kitchen. It's supposed to be an eating area, but since I usually am cooking while trying to entertain the kids we turned it into a craft room for them so they could get creative while I cook dinner.  Here is the wall as it looked just a little while ago.

And here's how it looks now.  I found the cute "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster at A.C. Moore during my son's birthday party he attended there. I got to sneak off and look around the store a bit. The poster just happened to be on sale and also the color was perfect.  A nice teal green.  

I also took the wooden painted skeleton keys that were hanging in my entry way and hung them on the pin boards. I thought they needed a new home since the front entry way started looking a bit crowded after I painted the horizontal stripes seen here.

You'll probably also notice that the clock is gone. I relocated to above the green hutch. I like the way the wall looks now.  It's also a nice reminder of daily life with 3 kids.  Sometimes I look at it, take a deep breath and keep going (especially during certain days when I just want to scream or run away.) LOL. I promise you I won't, but I certainly think it on occasion.

And just in case you don't know about the history of this poster you can read about it here.  You can also find this memorabilia on Amazon

Now just Keep Calm and Carry On my friends. :-)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Operation, clear the counters Part 2

We are on a roll! Cleaning up the kitchen counters feels so good.  Here again is a shot of our microwave when it was living on our counters.  You were probably wondering what we did with the phone since I didn't mention it before.  

Well it got relocated from the microwave to our cabinets above the counters. There was a little bit of a split in the cabinet near the edge so I able to feed all the cords from the phone and the chargers up there and plug them next to our sink outlet.  Do you see that we even have an old radio up there already? That's what gave me the idea in the first place. 

You may be wondering how we hear the phone ringing with closed cupboard doors. Well it turns out that having the volume on high is okay and we can still hear it. Besides nobody calls us anymore except telemarketers. Sigh.

And once more for you, an after shot of our counters. I'm really enjoying all this newfound space for food prep.

We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! As for us, Joe spent most of the weekend installing a new back door. Can't wait to show you pics! 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Operation, clear the counters

If you noticed from yesterday's post our kitchen is looking a lot more tidy and less cluttered. Well once the cabinets started getting paint, I realized our counters could use a little organizing as well.  Here is the corner in our kitchen where our microwave has been taking up valuable real estate for quite some time. About 5 years now.

On top of the microwave lives our phone, cord holder, hand sanitizer, as well as a few other things that would get left there. It was time to find a new place for the microwave.

And here's a sight for sore eyes and a potential place for the microwave. I always wanted a built-in microwave, but currently we just don't have the space for one.

So all of this mess was going to get organized and I was determined to find a spot for the microwave in our pantry. Pretty much everything came out so I could throw out expired food and combine certain things. There was surprisingly a lot of things that got tossed or put in a different, more logical place. Like serving dishes can now be found in our china cabinet.

Once everything was removed, Joe drilled a hole at the back of the bottom left cabinet for the microwave plug to fit through. This is a close-up of the outside.

Here is a view looking behind our fridge so you can see the little hole that will lead directly to the plug behind the fridge.

Here's the view on the inside of the cabinet. The diameter of the hole is about the size of a quarter.

After vacuuming up all the dust, the microwave fit nicely on the bottom shelf! With plenty of room left on the right for cereal. Yay. Happy Day!

And look at the extra space on the upper shelves.  It really does pay to organize stuff.

I'm not OCD or anything, but lining canned goods up really helps when it's time to cook.  It makes it a breeze to find things.

The best part of putting the microwave in the pantry is all the free space left on the counters.  I'm loving all the space for food prep and cooking.

Here's a reminder of what the counter looked like before.

And here it is now.  Yay for more space!

The microwave in the pantry has been great. It's not inconvenient which was one of our initial concerns. Nor does it pose a fire hazard since there is a plenty of space on all sides and we leave the door open when we're using it.  It's also been nice not having food get trapped underneath it from the counters.  This should cut down on hidden crumbs for the night time bugs to find!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. As for us, we'll be tearing down gutters, installing back doors, having our house painted, kicking off t-ball season, and joining in on a family potluck.


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