Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hello Kitty 4th Birthday

My daughter had a blast this weekend at her Hello Kitty themed birthday party.  Here are some of the pics from Saturday. Lots and Lots of pink everywhere!  Joe made the invitation in Adobe Illustrator.  

8" x 10" print was also made in Adobe Illustrator. 

Hello Kitty party favors included 1 magic painting picture, a necklace or bracelet the kids got to put together, Hello Kitty Jelly Bellies, and a little baggy the kids got to fill with even more candy.

I made the cupcakes using Wilton's bow candy molds, strawberry cake batter, and white buttercream frosting.  

E's Hello Kitty tattoo.

I grabbed a quick pic while E. enjoyed her strawberry lemonade.

E. did the entire playlist for her party including many hits by Katy Perry and Michael Jackson.  

Pin the bow on Hello Kitty.  She may or may not have cheated.

Later on we had photo props for picture taking. The kids and adults enjoyed this a lot.

Here are the links to some of the Hello Kitty printables if you are interested.

Hello Kitty tags

Pin the Bows on Hello Kitty game

Bunting flag and bows for straws


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