Saturday, July 9, 2022

DIY solar sconces

Sometimes I buy things used and I don't really have a plan for them. Like these black sconces. I thought maybe I would find a place inside for them but adding electrical outlets into the wall through the crawl space sounded like too much work. 

I had a great idea that I could turn them into something for the garden. Since adding a trellis gate to the side yard I thought it would be fun to mount them outside. I found perfect size globe solar lights from Amazon that turned out to have the same diameter as the base of the sconce. 

My 13 year old had fun dismantling the electrical bits and removing them. 
We used long screws to mount the Sconces to the 4x4's. The lights were glued down with Gorilla Glue. We set them to the "on" position and they come on at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn.

I think this turned out pretty cool for such a cheap and easy DIY project.  

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