Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rockin' 5th Birthday party

I got so excited when my son said he wanted a Rock Star birthday party for his 5th birthday.  Joe and I were music lovers back in the day when we had to time to ourselves, you know before kids.  LOL.  But my little buddy has great taste in music and loves to dance and sing and all he wanted was to dance with his friends to his favorite music for his birthday.  So Joe got to work creating these awesome concert tickets for invitations using Adobe Illustrator. One child even showed up to redeem her ticket. It was adorable. Oh and I removed my phone number, address, and email from the invite but those are good to include if you do this yourself. 

Throwing together outfits for each person in our family was pretty fun. Everything was already on hand which was pretty awesome. Two days before the party I cut the boy's hair into mohawks/fauxhawks. I was happy I saved my Doc Martens from high school..they always come in handy for theme parties.

We decked out the fireplace mantle in old 45's and L.P.'s, black and white polka dot tissue pom poms, the Maddock birthday flag pennant, an ukulele and a "Keep Calm and Rock On" print out I found here

Also physically mounted to the mantle was a spot light that shown on our new disco ball. What dance party is complete without a disco ball? No party.  It was awesome.

It just so happeend that this white frame broke recently when the hook on the back came loose. The glass stayed in tact so I used it to frame the print. I used Peacock scrapbook paper for the mat. 

The Smiths "Rank" and the Melvins albums flanked one side of the mantle. 

Pink Floyd and U2 flanked the other side.

This cute black and white tissue paper was found at Target for a little over a dollar. Joe and I were able to make four one night during TV time. Thank goodness he jumped in to help.  Seriously the details take so long sometimes.

Our little man's photo with his mohawk adorned the mantle in this white ornate frame.

I had so much fun making the desserts and snacks for the party. 

I whipped up these Chocolate dipped pretzel rods dipped in blue, red, and black sugar crystals propped up in sour cherry balls.  Joe happily made the signs using Illustrator to match our theme.

Blue Rock candy from the local party store.

Each child got to take a Rock and Roll spiky bracelet as part of their favors. 

The Microphone cupcakes were a big hit. They were so simple to make. I baked 24 cupcakes and once they cooled I placed them inside the cones. Jelly beans were placed into the cones to weight them down.  I frosted and sprinkled them with silver sprinkles.

Another easy way to make microphones was to place huge marshmallows on the ends of the long pretzel rods, coat them in frosting or chocolate and silver sprinkles. 

For a quick and easy snack during the beginning of the party I popped two big pots of popcorn, buttered, and salted and put in kid size clear cups.

Pretzels sticks in green cups were placed on my DIY record stand.  I used a china stand that I already had and replaced the china plates with two records.  I love how it turned out. 

We made labels for all the water bottles that said "Party like a Rock Star" and included a photo of our child. We made our own template in Adobe Illustrator and printed on regular paper using a laser printer.

The cake turned out simple but tasty. I used Duff's Tie Dye cake from Target and made butter cream frosting. The number 5 was created using a printed out number 5 and then cut out and layed on top.

The best part of the cake was definitely cutting into it. The adults were tripped out by the tie dye pattern.

For beverages, I made a white wine sangria for the adults using the following recipe. The children had tropical punch with dinner and soda and water were offered as well.

And I have to say, the paper straws from Target are SUPER adorable and they come in many colors, but because I tend to sip on my drink and nurse it, my straw became a bit flimsy after a while. The glass mason jars were purchased from TJ Maxx and the lids came from

The night Joe and I stayed up late making the tissue poms was also the night we decided to go crazy with the red and blue streamers.

It reminded us of the 80's party we had for my 25th birthday in San Diego. :)

Joe was the MC for the party and I helped with games. One of the first games we played was "Pin the Pic on the Guitar" using pics we already had on hand and a hand drawn picture of a guitar.  The kids really enjoyed this game.

Other games included Freeze Dance, Conga line, and the Limbo.  

The ol' fog machine was requested by Maddock which we use for our Halloween parties, but the kids love it so much it was a no-brainer we needed to use it.  The fogginess was captured in this pic brilliantly.  Joe is showing the kids an old "punk/ska" move.   Most of the kids found the plastic blow up guitars from Party City fun to play with while dancing.

When the dancing and games ended the living room cleared out and our photographer, i.e. our friend Galen captured this awesome photo of the light hitting the disco ball. 

Outside the picnic table was set with Rock and Roll paper plates, cups, napkins, and confetti from Party City.

To me, it was helpful to set the table and pass out the food before the kids got outside. It cut down on the kid's becoming bored and the food line becoming crowded. Yes these are the things I think about.  The overflow of children sat on blankets. I didn't get a picture of the food, but we served Soynut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids and club sandwiches for the adults. Also on the food table were strawberries, grapes, orange slices, and veggie chips. 

After singing Happy birthday, all the children ate the frosted cupcake microphones. Maddock really enjoyed it!

Food and Dessert were followed by a Guitar pinata also from Party City. The kids all lined up by the house and each child got one turn hitting the pinata. After about one and half rounds it broke open. Each child was given a black and white polka dot bag already containing a tattoo to fill with candy. 

It's safe to say my little Rock and Roller had an awesome 5th birthday party. Can't wait to see what the year will bring and see this little boy off to Kindergarten. Wow. Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday kiddo.

Mom & Dad

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inspiration: Spring Parties and Gold flatware

It's been a while since I've done an Inspiration post. I have been having a big crush on gold lately, especially gold housewares and flatware.  I have a theory that gold has become so popular lately because it hit an all time record high in value about a year ago and so many people sold their gold to make a little extra cash and now people are coveting it because they got rid of it.  Hmm, maybe just a theory. Anyway I'm loving these party tablescapes set with gold flatware. Makes me want to throw a big Spring soi·rée. 

Black and White Chevron monogram platemat with blue Greek Jonathan Adler plate on top of gold plate.

Gold polka dot runner, pink and white Ranunculus in white vases, cactus favors, and pink paper straws.

Black and white striped table cloth, gold and black china, pink and red roses and carnations.


Black and White leopard print table cloth and gold plates.

Emerald Green table runners, pink and white roses and crystal.

Black and White striped table cloth, gold plates, formal place setting, yellow and mauve roses.


Happy Spring!!
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