Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Creating a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape

So my in-laws are coming into town for Thanksgiving, all the way from Hawaii! So the big meal has been on my mind lately. In years past my Thanksgiving table was a hodge podge of various glasses that didn't quite match and children's place settings at the same table that didn't match either.  This year I'm looking for a more cohesive look. Something that says, casual yet elegant. Sophisticated, yet playful. Can I have it all?  I'm leaning towards creamy whites, linens, gold, and lots of texture for my table. Here are some inspiration photos I found for creating my table.






Can't wait to pull ideas together. I'm spray painting pumpkins as we speak!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween costumes 2015

I'm glad my kids pick the Halloween themes sometimes because this year we've been so busy that my creative juices were lacking. My oldest son is SUPER into the Rick Riorden book series, staring Percy Jackson. So he wanted to be Percy Jackson and the rest of us are his gods and goddesses.  My husband dressed as Dionysus, God of wine. It was pretty awesome getting drink refills from him during the neighborhood party we attended.  I dressed as Hera, Goddess of women and children.  My middle son was Perseus, one of the most celebrated Greek Heroes. My daughter is Artemis, Goddess of the hunt.  It was pretty fun channeling our inner Greek goddesses and gods.  We all felt great in our costumes and everyone had a great Halloween. Below you'll find details of our costumes.

My hair and makeup were the most fun parts of getting ready for Halloween.  I found really fun clip in hair from Beauty World.  Originally I bought 18" straight hair, but when I tried curling it, it just wouldn't hold. So I went back to the store and the nice women let me exchange it for wavy hair.  I curled the rest of my hair with a 1" rod to get the same texture as the clip in hair. It blended seamlessly.  The hair band was from Target and the gold spray painted leaf completed the whole look. I went heavy on the makeup, even applying fun long lashes.  I seriously had so much fun, and now wishing my hair could grow quickly back to look like this naturally.

Percy Jackson 
Orange Camp Half Blood t-shirt = Swagge
Blue Hoodie and Jeans = Old Navy
Sword = Rubies Long Roman sword =

Clash of the Titans Costume =
Sandals = DSW

Youth Wooden Bow and Arrow set = SGSmall
Quiver for Arrows sewn by me from Cotton Duck fabric
Dress = RG Costumes Athena
Hair Braid = Sally's Beauty Supply

White Twin Sheet = Already owned
Brow Ribbon for belt
Wreath Hair Crown, spray painted gold leaves from craft store and hot glued faux grapes to it.
Jug of Wine = Grocery Store

White fabric dress = 2 yards of white fabric from Joann Fabrics
Gold belt = gold trim from Joann Fabrics
Gold Head band = Target
Gold tattoos = Target
Gold Jewelry = Personal collection
Earrings = Kate Spade
Hair (yes I said Hair) =synthetic clip in hair from Beauty World.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Until next year, the Mortals of Peahen Pad.

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