Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bunny Themed Birthday

Our 8 year old has fallen in love with bunnies.  She ended up with two bunnies as gifts for her birthday including a male Lionhead and female Holland Lop. They are 1 year old and bonded (plus already spayed and neutered which makes bunnies a lot more sweet.) Here is Marshmallow:

And here is Brownie!

For her party we mostly got out Easter decorations, plus added some things from Oriental Trading Co., which turns out has awesome sales on Bunny Decor in September!

Her cake was a very delicious carrot cake recipe we found on The King Arthur website. Everyone was amazed out how good it tasted.

These cute bunny lollipops were from Oriental Trading Co.

We found several free bunny printables the kids colored as guests arrived.

The bunny gift bags contained bunny necklaces for the girls and at the end of the party they got to pick additional items from a "Carrot Patch" that included plastic bunny eggs filled with jelly beans, lollipops and bunny shaped rings.

Because we were facing Hurricane Florence here in NC, the day of the party we were basically short of fresh food.  But we did manage to pull out carrots and grapes and some Annie's bunny shaped snacks from the pantry.

One of the games we played was "Bunny Bunny Fox." Essentially Duck Duck Goose.

Another game we played was called "The Farmer and the Rabbit."  In this game each child had a section of ground that was their bunny patch and they were the bunnies. My husband was the farmer and his vegetables were balloons. The bunnies had to come up and take a balloon without being tagged and put it back in their bunny home. My boys played weasels who could steal the balloons from the bunnies and put them back in the Farmer's garden. The bunny with the most balloons at the end of 5 minutes was the winner.  This game really got the kids excited and having fun.

The party was a great success, given Hurricane Florence's impending doom.  And best of all, there are two cute bunnies in our family now that my daughter is absolutely in love with.


Monday, September 17, 2018

DIY Rabbit hutch

There are tons of old computer hutches out there. Why not turn one into a rabbit hutch and make your kids super happy!  I found this cute blue hutch at the Habitat for Humanity Restore right here in Durham for $70. I already loved the blue so all it needed was some ventilation and some reinforced  waterproof flooring.



We had to make some tweaks to the inside of the computer hutch by removing the computer keyboard tray and the printer tray, cutting some holes for the rabbits to climb using a jigsaw and removing the panels on the back and cutting out some side windows.

For the back of the cage we used Garden Zone Cage Wire in a thickest one they sold, 16 gauge. 

The floors were tiled in Stainmaster luxury vinyl tile in the Charlotte design. This box was $30.

The front and sides of the hutch were outfitted with Perforated Sheet metal in a Union Jack Design. Each sheet of metal is $30 and we needed two full sheets. 

For two bunnies that are bonded together they always like to be together so we bought a large enough litter pan so they can be in there together and since bunnies like to use the bathroom at the same time they are eating it helps to put the food and hay baskets right over their litter box (and water.)

I found this old library wooden stool at the Restore as well and painted it gray. Bunnies love to hop up and club and it allows them to get to the top level. 

The rabbits and kids are so happy!  Pretty soon they will have free roam of this room and take the whole place over.


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