Thursday, May 30, 2013

Removing Carpet from Bedroom

Yup, it's how we spent our Memorial Day weekend.  As you probably already know we are replacing all of the flooring in our house with new flooring to match the rest of the house.  Here is the carpet in our master bedroom once we removed the bed. 

We spent Friday night packing everything up and storing most of our stuff in the Master Bathroom. Funny that showers provide a massive amount of storage space for things like dresser drawers.  Shoulda took a picture of that.  So needless to say, we shared the kid's bathroom over the holiday weekend which was kinda like being on vacation.  

We left the big dressers and vanity in the room because there was just no place to put them and we figured we could move them from side to side as needed to put down the flooring.

Joe actually managed to rip up all of the carpet and rug on Friday night and begin the tedious process of removing all of the nails and trim boards.  This took a great deal of time and he didn't finish up that task until Saturday morning.  Lucky for us the subfloor was nice and flat for installing the new flooring.  Sometimes you run the risk of having to replace subfloor if there is warping or bumps.

We put our bed in the living room for the weekend, so it was kind of like camping out.  The kids were having way too much fun with this idea.

I had to snap a picture of my man in action. Here he is with the carpet removed and taking up the nail trim on the edges of the floor.

It took his all day on Saturday and most of Sunday to put the new floors down (Kronotex, The Wilmington Collection in Jasper Oak for any one interested.)

By Sunday night everyone was pooped.  I couldn't help snapping a pic of this.

And by Monday morning (Memorial Day) things were looking like this.  We were both doing the happy dance at this point. What a world of difference!

On Monday we swept up all the dust that had settled and Joe caulked around all the quarter round. We let that dry for several hours and by the afternoon we were taping off the floor and above the trim to paint. I did the honors of painting all the white trim around the edges and in the closet.

By Monday night we were able to start putting everything back in the room.  See that cute little purse under the vanity? That's my answer to cord clutter. Do you have cord clutter tricks up your sleeve?

We can't wait to show you the finished room.  Soon!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boy's Bedroom update

Gosh, I've been wanting to show you pics of the boy's room for a while now, but I finally got around to tiding it up and taking them.  It's no easy task to have them both outta there and their toys put away!  So while one was at school and the other playing happily in the living room I snapped a few for you to see.  The room is 95% complete.  We still need to add lights to the bookcase, sew some more pillowcases and possibly change up the bedding a little. Not sure about the teal comforters. I may return them tomorrow.  Anyway! Hope you enjoy their new room!  

Source List:

Beds - Vintage original paint
Bookcase - Vintage Painted Shelf White and "Sailor's Coat" by Olympic.
Dresser - Vintage by ModernAge Gold Spray Paint by Valspar on hardware. Grey Matters mixed with other shades by Sherwin Williams.
Rug - Overstock
Grey and White graphic bins -Marshalls
Gray Felt Bins- Home Made with fabric from Joanns.
Letter "M" over bed - Urban Outfitters
Plaid Throw Blankets - West Elm
Teal Comforters  - Threshold by Target
Sheets -Threshold by Target
Pillow cases -Hand made from Joann's fabric.
Where the Wild Things Are Art - Urban Outfitters
Polka Dot Lamp -Ikea
Flooring -Jasper Oak Wilmington Collection
Wall Color - Polar Star by Valspar


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bookcase storage

This post is a little late since I did this two weeks ago, but better late than never.  Here's a reminder of how the boy's bookcase looked when we attached it to the wall with an anchor.  I had made two grey felt storage bins and put their radio in there.  But it still needed lots of storage.  

I found some cute grey and white graphic storage bins at Marshalls.  I picked up three smalls ones, two medium ones, one large one.  I also found a grey large bin (bottom left.)  The teal and gold box (top right) was also a Marshalls find. Everything else was already on hand, including the yellow box (top left) which was purchased 7 years ago at Things Remembered.

Now for the fun part!  I made two more grey felt storage bins using the same technique as before. This time I added some lining to one that when folded over shows the pretty black and white chevron pattern on the outside.  I also added a blue ribbon with hot glue around the seam line, just for something fun.

For the fourth bin that I made I added a thick brown and blue ribbon with hot glue around the outside.  I think at this point I was running out of steam and didn't want to sew another liner. Although I could always sew one later and add it.  

Here is a shot of the grey plastic bin that holds G.I. Joe toys.  :)

The little bins turned out to make great C.D. storage for their little player.

And the medium bins worked out great for holding Lincoln logs and Transformers.

This one is a close up of the teal and gold box. This is MVP's little treasure box to hold his special things since CAP has one on the other side. The white deer frame is from Urban Outfitters.

The teal frame was painted by my Sis-in-law and the Star Wars picture was made for the boy's 1st and 4th Star Wars birthday party.

My son loves Harry Potter and is currently reading the 4th book, so it's right next to his bed and the toy is his new Perplexus game from his birthday.

So that's how we managed to fill up a boy's bookcase pretty fast and give them plenty of storage for now. And there's still lots of room for more things as they grow.  The next step in this bookcase makeover is adding lights to either side. We've been throwing around ideas for outdoor fixtures with a switch at their fingertips. So we'll see how it goes. We'll keep you posted!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

35th Birthday

I had a low-key but very sweet 35th birthday this year.  Here are some highlights from my day. It started out waking up to a balloon bouquet at the table. In very pretty colors I might add.  

Presents were centered at the table. The purple stash were all from my wonderful Mom and the green polka dot presents from my husband and kids.

The mantel was adorned with our "Happy Birthday" sign.

And before heading off to the gym I got my kids to pose with me for a quick picture. Here is my sweet E. Claire as I like to call her on the internet.  We call her by her first name at home.

Someone forgot to put on pants in the morning and thankfully it wasn't me.

When the evening arrived we all drove to pick up my husband from work and enjoyed a nice family dinner at a local restaurant.  Then we came home and opened presents and had cake.  Here are some of the gift opening highlights.  First a very thoughtful and funny card from Joe.

All the kids were excited to help me open my gifts.

I got very pretty and cozy P.J.'s from my Mom. I wore them to bed last night and slept soundly like a baby.

Had to give a quick smile. I really was enjoying all the thoughtfulness of the gifts.

Very fitting that my Mom also got me a Peacock storage book and a pretty Peacock frame. Can't wait to find a picture for it.  There were also some very cute dinner napkins. I love simple gifts like that.

And a very clever slim storage bag. Maybe I'll put jewelry and perhaps hair accessories in it?

My first gift from Joe were some new earphones. Mine are about to break and I use them all the time at the gym.  He also got me new headbands (the kids have snapped nearly all of them in half.)

And here's where I was blown away by the thoughtfulness from Joe.  He went to my Pinterest DIY board and came up with the idea to make me some hair pins! This is when he needed thread so he could sew thread through those buttons. He hot glued the little gems, buttons, and pretty charms on the hair pins.  How clever and very sweet.

And then was blown away again by the thoughtfulness of this gift.  A silhouette portrait of all three of our kids. He said he made it in Illustrator and then had it printed on photo paper at Walgreens.

He chose a simple and mellow background.  How cool is that?   I'll have to think of somewhere fun to hang it.  That was so very thoughtful of him to make me gifts from my Pinterest board.

Lastly we celebrated with cake.  I want to say the kids helped make the cake, but it's not the case.  Joe tried his hardest, but one small step forgotten was the culprit of the collapsing cake and that was buttering and flouring the pans. Oh well, it still tasted great!  And other great gifts included a home made puzzle and coloring pages from CAP.

Thank you to everyone, especially my Mom, Joe, and the kids for making my day special!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Under Bed Storage

When we got rid of our son's laminate bed for their new red beds we knew we wanted to keep the drawers that came with it and reuse them as under bed storage.  They were well built and provided enough storage for all his clothes.  The drawers were big and low enough to fit under the new bed with a few tweaks of course.

The drawers sat in our bedroom for a few weeks while we worked on other projects, like the new flooring so we were happy to get them under the beds.

We had to bust out the ol' saw and saw down the top and side overhangs.  But sawing down laminate left the sides pretty bumpy and splintery.  So we took the easy route and wrapped the tops and sides with black duct tape. That stuff works miracles.

We purchased four caster wheels from Lowes and screwed them from the top down into the bottom.  We capped them off with nuts on the underside so the screws weren't sticking out. The drawer slides on the sides also got taken off since they weren't needed anymore.

The finishing touch was adding old kitchen cabinet knobs to the front so the boys could easily pull them out without pinching their little fingers.

And oh my, don't mind the unmade bed! My son usually makes his bed, but I think his room has been in disarray for a few weeks now.  I'm so glad we were able to save these drawers and reuse them.

There we go. Made bed.  I love how the storage drawers stay kind of hidden. I also love how they stop toys from hiding under the bed. Bonus feature! :)

Hope you're having a good week.  I'm looking forward to spending my birthday tomorrow with my family and seeing what my husband has up his sleeves. He asked for a sewing needle the other day so this ought to be interesting.


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