Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabinet Doors hung

Last week dear hubby and I removed all the upper cabinets and painted the insides gray and added new hardware. Finally, after a week of drying and making several tweaks we hung the doors back up.  Here is a reminder of what was going on last week.

And here we are as of this morning. We're sort of feeling some relief that the upper cabinets are done and the doors are off the ground. We even removed the plastic sheeting from the doorways so we can go into the kitchen for now.

I mentioned last week that we were going to paint the insides of the upper cabinet doors gray to match the insides of the lower cabinets.  They badly needed some paint since there was white paint splattered on the inside and yucky brown wood showing. So now when I open my cabinets I see this pretty shiny gray paint (Gray Matters by Sherwinn Williams.) 

Here is another view of the insides of the doors.  They look and feel so much better than before!

Another reason this little upper cabinet project took longer than expected is that we changed the hardware.  The old hardware used to be brass but someone spray painted them silver. SO over time the spray paint chipped off and there was also white paint drips on them. I went to Lowes to replace all 36 hinges, but ended up buying the wrong ones.  But Lowes was so great and let us return them even though I opened up every bag.  But thank goodness we made the mistake because we found contractor packs of 10 online for much cheaper.  $6.51 for a 10 pack versus $2.75 for a two pack. That's $.65 for one instead of  $1.35 for one. So it really pays to shop online before walking into the store.

We got 4 packs of these babies. Gatehouse 10-Pack 2-3/4-in x 1-7/8-in Satin Nickel Surface Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges. And of course they were slightly different than the old hinges so we had to sand down, caulk, and repaint the trim to cover up the old hinge outlines. 

To hang the cabinet doors back up without any guides, I held them up and lined them up with the frame making sure they were level while Joe used an electric screw driver to mount the hinges.

Here are the pantry doors. Funny story about these guys. Well not funny actually but a good lesson learned. Since these doors butt right up against each other, and the way the hinges came the doors are so tightly fitted together that we now need to go back and sand them down so they close easily. Yeah, we'll get to that another day.

More cabinet doors hung!

Here are the doors above our oven. Funny story about our oven too.  The water mitigation team yanked it so hard they must have broken the door handle. Still waiting on whether or no it's going to be fixed or replaced.

More cabinet doors!

And here's a cute little update we did as well. Adding satin nickel bin pulls to all of the drawers instead of the round hardware that is on the rest of the cabinet doors.  I think they update the drawers a lot. And they are fun to open now. I found eight of these babies online, Ebay to be exact at a much cheaper price than at Lowes. They are brand new too.  Yay for easy updates. Although if you ask my husband, drilling new holes is not an easy update.

So our kitchen still needs new countertops (hopefully arriving this week,) new floors (arriving next Wednesday,) and possibly a new oven.

Here's our sad little eat-in-kitchen.  Still unusable. By next week this space will be all opened up and ready for the kids to play in!

Glad the kitchen is moving along, but it's been about a month now so we are really eager to get things back the way they were.  Paper plates, cups, and utensils are only fun for about a week.  


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random pretty things

I wanted to share some of the goodies I got during Christmas time. I know it's late, but here ya' go!

Pinecone candles from Target.

White ceramic owl measuring cups with orange on the inside also from Target.

Scented mercury glass candle from Anthropologie.

White and turquoise ceramic bird house ornament from Target.

Set of 16 white ceramic flower push pins from Anthropologie.

"Nuts About You" squirrel art from Urban Outfitters.

LED candle set from Target

Vintage pin cushion lady from Grandma's house adorned with a vintage crystal broach!

Charcoal Euro sham from Anthropologie.

Betsy Johnson heart earrings from Nordstroms.

Ralph Lauren's Romance perfume from Ulta.

Beautiful hand made necklace from my son.  Best gift ever. :)

Reusable sandwich bags.

White ceramic pine cone candle holder from Target.

White ceramic acorn candle from Target.

White ceramic dear candle holder from Target. Are you seeing a theme here?

Hope you enjoyed these little Christmas presents.  I couldn't wait to show you.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Fire Wood Storage bin

We haven't had a fire in our fireplace for over a year and when the temps dip down into the teens and it snows during the day, well, it's time for one.  And you can't just have logs lying around, so we invested in a cute wire storage basket with a white fabric liner.  

Found this one at Home Goods on Friday morning just as the snow started falling.  They had many sizes available and also designs. Some wire baskets looked like chicken wire. Some had letters painted on the front, like the number "2" in black ink. That was a close runner-up.

But I really liked the size of this one. I thought it was a great size for holding the logs upright. It also fits nicely next to the fireplace instead of on the brick.

Notice we had to remove our quilt and our padded cover for the brick so it wouldn't get burned with flying embers, but we'll promptly put it back on once we decide we had enough of it, which will probably be Monday when the snow has melted and everyone is back at school and work.

I also moved the rocking chair back into the living room because our son's beds now take up so much space in their rooms (can't wait to show you how those look.)  And do you see that cute ball-fringed gray throw blanket? That was a Christmas present from my Mom. It looks so cute on the rocking chair.

Another shot of the throw blanket.  It goes so well in the living room and we have all been snuggling up with it by the fire.

And my mantel is semi back-to-normal.  I've got a few new things up there mixed with some older things. I still want to find some white dear heads for either side of the mirror to balance it out a little.

Did you have a cozy weekend as well? Did you get snow or just ice like we did?  We enjoyed our "too cold to go out" weekend, but looking forward to a warmer week ahead (and hopefully some new kitchen floors this week!)


Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY cereal box drawer dividers

The kitchen is coming along, we had our dishwasher reinstalled and fixed. It was a faulty valve that caused our dishwasher to leak during our Christmas vacation. So G.E. came out on Friday and repaired it. So that's good news I guess!  A heating/air conditioning company also came out and replaced our duct work in the crawl space that water leaked into.  Other than that, we're just waiting on our new floors to get installed and our countertops.  Tomorrow we should be getting our hardware that we ordered so we can hang our cabinet doors back up. 

In the meantime I was inspired to clean up our junk drawer a bit in the kitchen. Here it is. What a mess. It was driving me a little bit crazy not being able to find anything. I also was so inspired by this post on Iheartorganizing's blog.

So for about a week I collected cereal boxes and other food boxes so I could DIY some drawer dividers.  I put them in the drawer to see how many would fit in it.

Then I used my pencil to mark how high I should make them. Then I used scissors to cut them down to size.

Next I picked out scrap book paper from my stash to cover each box.  For this part you just need a ruler, scissors, and tape.

I created a sample one first to see how best to cover them.  I played with a few different ideas. Here I am covering the bottom.

Then I wrapped up the sides.  I found the best way to cover them was to line the inside so the paper was noticeable from the top, because it really doesn't matter if the bottoms are covered. But it's up to you how much you want each part covered.

I ended up rearranging my boxes a bit so they were a little bit more interesting.  They turned out so cute and added so much more vertical storage space in my drawer.

I sorted through all the junk and threw out stuff that wasn't needed anymore and kept the important stuff.

Here's where my junk drawer lives now in the kitchen.  It's going to be so much fun opening this drawer up now.  I was happy to reuse old boxes and stuff I already had for this project.

 Hope this inspires you to organize your junk drawer too!


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