Friday, January 18, 2019

Master Bathroom updates

In the Master bath I added some new touches that I think give it a much brighter happier feel.  I painted the walls white in a Satin Finish first off. Because who likes Flat paint in a bathroom?  I made this cute little cafe curtain in a Navy blue pointelle fabric to create privacy without sacrificing the warm morning light that pours in.  Joe framed out both of the mirrors in a pine wood that we stained gray. We added gold and pink hardware from Anthropologie and added some artwork.  The rug is from Target by Nate Berkus.


For the light fixtures we kept the existing ones, but removed the glass shade and painted them gold and black and added these cute huge vintage light bulbs.  The interior doors also got light gray paint.



It didn't take much to give this bathroom an upgrade. Simple things like paint, cute hardware, etc. can spruce anything up. :)

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Laundry Room

I did an Instagram post a while back with a sneak peak into the laundry room, but never got around to blogging about it.  Here is it, pretty much finished (except for a laundry sink I am desperately waiting on.) 

The ceiling was painted with gray and white stripes. We took down the fluorescent lighting and added a pretty hanging pendant light.  That was no easy task it turns out! We added shelves and a cabinet, plus some wallpaper behind it and trim. The artwork of the bunny makes me very happy. :)  I sewed the curtain for the window and added a solar shade for privacy but that still allows plenty of natural light in. 

A reminder of what this space looked like when we moved in.

The white cabinets are from the Habitat Restore and we painted them in a glossy white finish with a pop of teal color on the inside. We added some new modern hardware too and trimmed it so it looks built in.

We installed a towel bar on the underside of the cabinets for hanging clothing, but will be especially handy when we get our sink to drip dry clothing.  How cute are these lamas wearing sweaters? Cute laundry room art really makes you want to hang out in here.

I had a little bit of teal paint left over from another project so it's nice to be able to use it somewhere else in the house.

Can't wait for the laundry room sink! I will update you when it comes.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Guest Bath

Down stairs in the guest room bath there have been a few changes, but nothing too drastic. This is one space where I really want to add wallpaper, but after wall papering our dining room, we are on a hiatus! Plus it's just so expensive so we need to budget for it.  I do like how it currently looks though so not in a hurry with what to do with the walls.

So this room, since we moved in has gotten a new light fixture, new hardware on the cabinets, a wood frame around the mirror, some art work, a new rug, and faux wood blinds.

I'll keep you posted when we decide what to do with the walls and if I ever upgrade that faucet. :)


Monday, January 14, 2019

Dining Room - so pretty

Perhaps the most recently updated room is the dining room. It all started with a vision of a pink ceiling. Like looking at the sunset on the Pacific. It's a warm blush pink that is sophisticated and shiny. It's adds glamour without going overboard. In addition to painting the ceiling I used Paper White by Benjamin Moore to paint the walls. They needed a Satin finish too. Do you see the little pink glass on the walls? Those are vintage vases from my Mom. Perhaps the original inspiration.  The old rug in this room was an outdoor rug that I've had for years. It now lives outside on the patio. I got this fun vintage inspiration black and white rug from Overstock.

I blogged about this beautiful wallpaper here. It's from Anthropologie and I just love the pattern.

This was the day I celebrating winter break ending and the kids going back to school. I hope they never read this post. LOL.

Blush pink hydrangeas, a Neapolitan cake and Prosecco.

And just for fun, here is my table that desperately needs me to recoat it. I have all my supplies to sand and restain it. Just need to wait for better weather and a way to get it outside. It weighs a ton.

Thanks for the stopping by!


Friday, January 11, 2019

Office updates

There have been so many changes to our house that I haven't blogged about. Time gets away and life gets busy. I was looking through the house tour photos and realized I haven't updated so many of the photos.  I snapped some photos yesterday and updated that link plus I am showing you here. I will break it up into smaller posts because there are too many. Today are the office updates. 

I switched out the white chairs with the slip covers and put in these two Queen Anne dining room chairs. They are more open in the back so it let's you see the details of the desk, the wood plank inspired faux wood. Plus I added a throw blanket, faux fur pillow and this brown fur rug.

The french doors (as well as all the interior doors of the house) have been painted gray.  I also have since gotten a computer. My favorite part of my office. :)

The crystal lamp with the black lamp shade was a thrift store find for Halloween but it really works in here.

I found these cute doorknobs at a home store here and they are dummy knobs so were pretty easy to install.

The Bio Orb fish tank relocated here as well from the eat-in-kitchen. It's also very calming to watch them and listen to the bubbles.

With my new Kate Spade storage boxes my shelves look more filled in and complete.

I'm happy walking past this space now, since it's right off the entrance.  It feels clean, organized, and cozy all at the same time.

Happy January.


Monday, January 7, 2019

Anthropologie Queensland wallpaper

Happy 2019! There were a few projects I wanted to complete going into the new year and before my husband's new travel schedule kicked off.   He will be off on new adventures this year so cranking a few projects out was a must.  One of the projects was finishing our dining room. The last little bit was this little cove that I thought was the perfect spot to try our first wallpaper job.  I'm not going to lie, it was daunting, stressful and messy!  There were lots of measurements, trying and retrying, learning how much water to use and when to just give up and use the glue stick!  We also found that this pattern with an 18" repeating pattern left for a lot of waste. 

I first ordered one roll of this paper from Anthropologie called "Queensland" a few months ago. I measured the space and bought what I thought would be enough. With the pattern as it was, we ran out with still one portion of the wall to cover and the ceiling. So I had to order another one of course. 🤦

Hanging wallpaper on the ceiling was the hardest part. We first thought it would be a good idea to do one long strip the length of the ceiling and use painter's tape to hold it up. That didn't work at all, so we cut it in thirds. This worked much easier.  Joe also thought it would be a good idea to mark the plumb line with a string and blue chalk to slap a line on the ceiling.  Then I spent the next 20 minutes with a sponge and soapy water cleaning my rug. Another face palm. Next time, a cloth on the ground would be a good idea.

There are lots of tutorial's online about hanging wallpaper.  They are a must before starting a job like this.  You learn so much.  

I really love how it turned out and it gives this little space a fun unexpected pop of pattern. I happen to love black and white, which goes with everything and doesn't clash with any holiday decor.  I also love this design because the ceramicist, Melanie McEvoy, from Western Queensland and her Maori ancestry, took inspiration from the plant life in New Zealand that face powerful storms and are so resilient.

This angle is laying on the ground staring up. Not a bad view. 

So a fun Before Look at this room: So very different.

This room in total got new paint 1) Benjamin Moore's Paper White in Satin 2) Wallpaper in Anthropologie's Queensland 3) New Rug from Overstock 4) Pink ceiling paint Olympic's Limoge Pink 5) New Light Fixture from Lamps Plus 6) West Elm Gold Curtain Rods 7) White linen curtains that I sewed from 

Thanks for checking it out. I hope it inspires to you have fun with design and to try something new.


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