Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Unicorn 7th Birthday

My daughter is officially obsessed with horses. And unicorns.  She really wants a pony, not sure what little girl doesn't.  She does have a true love for animals like her momma so the best I could do was throw her a party with Unicorns and give her horseback riding lessons. Her first lesson came the day after her party - she was over the moon! I think it's safe to say this love may last a while. Here are a few pics from her party and lessons.

Her roses and Meri Meri Unicorn pics from her cupcake set adorned our dining room table.

The name banner was made quite a few years back and it's the one thing that makes an appearance year after year.

Our Jonathan Adler Unicorn seemed like the perfect addition for this party.

I lucked out finding this Unicorn wrapping paper at Home Goods one day.

Meri Meri Napkins and Plates.

I'm still refining my flower arranging skills. Lilly's, White Roses, and White Hydrangeas can look beautiful together.

This was a cute little activity for the kids. "What is your Unicorn Name?" The kids thought it was pretty funny.

The goodie bags were from Target and were filled with Unicorn necklaces, Unicorn sticker sheets, Unicorn stampers, and Unicorn Poop Lollipops (they looked like rainbows.) All of the contents were found on Amazon.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn was a fun game.  Even the older kids enjoyed it.

I found a great recipe online for Vanilla Cupcakes. I always seem to try new ones but this one I'll probably go back to because they turned out really yummy! The buttercream frosting recipe you can find here. I doubled the recipe and I still didn't quite have enough for 24 cupcakes, but I piped the frosting on so there was probably also more than was needed.

I printed out a few coloring pages for the kids to color when they first showed up. I feel like it's always a good idea to get them working on something right away so chaos doesn't ensue. The tablecloth was from Amazon.

The kids played three games (Pin the horn on the Unicorn, a fun Scavenger hunt in which they all worked together to find a treasure of Rainbow lollipops, and the Unicorn shoe toss.) Oh and I can't forget that my oldest son stuck a horn on his head toward the end of the party and had all the kids chase him to "catch a unicorn!"  The games seem to be a hit and the kids loved getting prizes too (who doesn't?)

I forgot to take pictures of all the food, but we had Veggie dogs on Hawaiian buns, Rainbow pasta Salad, Veggie chips, and a Rainbow fruit platter. Oh and Unicorn Raspberry Bubble punch (Raspberry Lemonade.)

This adorable (and HUGE) Unicorn balloon and confetti balloons were also from Amazon. I swear it was so easy to just order everything from one place this year.

My son snapping a quick photo of me and the birthday girl before the party started.

She loved all of her gifts. She of course got a horse barn, a Unicorn (of varying kinds), art sets, Fashion plates, Roller Skates, horse stamps, and of course horse back riding lessons. Lucky Lucky girl.

Happy 7th Birthday to my little horse lover and Unicorn dreamer. She is unique and special in every way and we love her to the moon and back.

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