Saturday, April 17, 2021

Backyard Paver Patio

Ah finally some completed projects in our backyard, beautiful weather, and the weekend is here.  We added two levels to our existing paver patio, a sitting wall, steps, and a landing. Additionally we redid our walkway on the right of the house.  I added a garden bed outside of the patio with lots of new plants and some sandstone slate pieces and garden boulders.  With my design plans we enlisted Carolina Garden Co. who contracted the work out to B&H Landscape's.  They did an amazing job on the hardscapes. Here are some After photos of the yard.  

My Dad's iron dragon overlooks everything:

View walking down from the deck:

Looking right from the deck:

This is the view from the upper deck:

Our backyard has a good amount of slope to it so this lower patio is actually dug into that slope, which is why we needed two full steps down. And the sitting wall came into the design process because of exposed dirt on the other side. But we like the added visual interest and this created a little bed behind it for a future fountain and flowers. 

These two patio levels create a great outdoor movie theater situation. 

We added horizontal wood to the deck skirt which makes this look so great. There are gates on the other side to access the storage underneath. We will stain everything once we are finished. Joe also made a sliding gate at the top of the stairs to keep the dogs on the deck when needed. 

I created this garden bed in a few hours believe it or not. I am very lucky to have a neighbor with a gas tiller so I worked in top soil and compost before I even started digging. I planted four Iceberg shrub roses, four Blue Star Junipers, about 9 Salvia plants (May Night and New Dimension Rose), and two Monrovia Purple Fountain Grass. For the Boulders and stepping stones we have a company here in Durham called The Stone Center of Carolina. You drive your truck on a scale to get a weight and then you can load up all the stone you want and get a second weight.  I paid around $64 total for five pieces of beautiful sandstone and 3 boulders. It was so much fun for me! Lastly I added about 10 bags of Hardwood mulch.  

We added a step down here off the existing patio:

This is the landing that was added which is quite big! 3' x 13'.

Here is the front walkway that was replaced with the white rock that we had laid. 

I will add some top soil around the edges so the lawn will grow back. 

These are additional photos of the state of our yard. Still lots to be done. In this back corner we want to add a storage shed. We will turn our small shed into bike storage to free up space in the garage.

The plants are filling in nicely around the fence.

The hammocks were one of our very first projects of quarantine and have gotten more use than I thought they would. 

Our covered deck is feeling pretty good these days too. I put a Ralph Lauren sheet over the futon, washed the pillows, completely hosed down all of the pollen and furniture. I found this cute white table at the Habitat for Humanity Restore along with several hurricane lamps. 

The rolling gate was made using a kit from Lowes and pressure treated wood. I'm so thankful Joe is so good with the saw. 

Here are a few pics of the BEFORE's for reference. 

Now it's time for some Sweet Tea and a good magazine.  And maybe some patio furniture shopping. 😛


Belgard Holland Stone in the walkway
Patio - Ashland Countryside from Lowes in red and gray.

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