Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DIY Compost Bin

Build your own cedar compost bin in one afternoon (I promise.) Who else is ready for spring?


How to Build a Compost Bin

Our bin is made from cedar lumber, but you can also build one from wood thermally treated to make it weatherproof and rot-resistant, although cedar is naturally rot resistant (and no chemicals, yay.)


Cut the lumbar to size

Cut 1x4 lumber to make 24 horizontal slats, 8 vertical legs for the corners, 8 slats for the lid, and 8 battens for the lid and slide-in panels. Cut a 1x4 to the bin's height, and rip it in half to make rails for the slide-in tracks.


Make the Back and Sides

For the back of the bin, lay two legs on the flat and attach six slats across them with 1 1/8-inch screws, placing the ends of the slats ¾ inch from the outside edges of the legs. Be sure to leave a ¾-inch gap between each slat as well. (Use a 1x4 turned on its edge as a spacer.) Make the sides the same way.


Make the slide in panels

For the lower panel, secure three slats spaced ¾ inch apart to two battens spaced 1 5⁄8 inches from the ends of the slats. Make the upper panel in the same manner, but be sure its battens extend ¾ inch past the bottom slat to create the gap between the slats.


Assemble the Bin

Glue and screw the sides of the bin to the inside edges of the back legs so that the legs form the back corners. To create the slide-in tracks for the front panels, attach the rails to the slats on the inside front edges of the side panels, flush with the ends of the slats. Glue and screw (with 2-inch screws) the remaining legs to the front edges of both sides to form the front corners. Slide the front panels into the tracks.


Make the Lid:

Attach battens to four boards so that they're flush with one edge and 2½ inches short on the other. Repeat for the second half of the lid. Flip the pieces over and top your bin; it will have a 1-inch overhang all around.

Now you're ready to throw all of your kitchen scraps (excluding meat), yard clippings etc. into your bin with some soil and leaves and get some glorious rich soil for your garden.

Happy Building
xoxo ☘

Sunday, March 4, 2018

In the garden at home

Visiting home this past week in California  made me realize just how much my parents like to garden. My dad being a welder created many beautiful pieces of art for the yard and I tried to capture the beauty on my phone while I was there. Many succulents and dessert plants were in bloom. Take a peak around.

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