Friday, January 17, 2020

Dining Room

Does my table make me look old? lol I mean it is over 100 years old so maybe it's a little old fashion. It's here to stay so I can just dress it up with original hand made table cloths. Claw footed Tiger Oak tables are going to make a come back if I can help it. :) 

Also who's ready to skip to spring? We had a week of warms temps in NC and now it's getting chilly again. This past week has me ready to say goodbye to the cold.

Our family eats at this table almost nightly, except for when we have movie night. It's gets lots of traffic but the rug was made for that and the table gets better with age.

So much texture and pattern play here. 

If only there were smell-a-vision. These are glorious!

Just a few more months till spring guys!


Thursday, January 16, 2020

New Pics

It's been a minute since I've updated some of the house pics. Things change around here and I don't always remember to update everyone. Since I've last posted, right before my Mom came to visit in November we had the downstairs painted, which wasn't all that exciting, but it sure did freshen the place up. The downstairs used to be a flat sheen in a Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. Basically what the builders used. I wanted the paint to be a Satin Sheen and so I applied Paper White by Benjamin Moore *same as upstairs hallways. I loved it up there so figured it would work downstairs too.

Some close ups of the artwork too -mostly a mix of Etsy finds, original sibling art (thanks @Retrolyte) and Grandma's artwork.  If you're going to put a gallery in your house, I highly recommend mixing new art with old and mixing up the frames. Also using things that you love and make you happy. 

I also updated the rug, since the old one had a lot of damage from puppy nails. The potted plant in the corner was a holiday find and is still going strong. Bonus, my Mom helped me plant it while she were here.

A few furniture updates to the living room have been made as well and Joe and I slapped up some peel and stick wallpaper behind the TV.  Doesn't it look like real painted brick?  The windows were all trimmed with craftsman style wood trim a while back but I never got around to showing you.

I found the floral chairs from CB2 and I just love them. They add a nice vintage Italian charm to the space and definitely are the new focal point.

I found a new large area rug as well. Having a new puppy just really was a doozy for our floor coverings. Plus the old one was around for a while and had seen better days.

The black leather sofa from CB2 as well is called "Seville" and is made of Buffalo leather. The quality is suburb and should last forever.

I love how bright and clean everything feels now, especially in January when all the holiday decor goes and you're left with a clean palette again.  And someone over there in the corner is looking like she needs a little fun!

I'm going to spend some of January photographing some other rooms that haven't been shown in a while. As well as spend time thinking about the Master Bedroom color. 2020 seems like it's going to be a good year. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Aubergine Girl's room

The craziest color ever! Well the darkest, shiniest hue I've ever used I should say.  When my daughter wanted to change up her room she asked for "purple." So vague right.  At first I thought, well okay but you know your ceiling is pink and I'm not changing that. When I started looking at various shades of purple I landed on Farrow and Ball's Brinjal, which is an eggplant or Aubergine. The color went so nicely with pink and I loved it!  On various websites they recommended going with a shiny finish because it brings out the color more and makes it look rich. Well that it does!  I had the color matched  to Benjamin Moore's Advance Interior/Exterior High Gloss Enamel Paint. Let me warn you that even though this is Low VOC paint, it takes at least 2 full weeks of ventilation with fans blowing. I even bought an Ozone maker and ran that twice to get rid of the odor! Anyway the results are magnificent! Take a look.

The Tuft Ari mauve rug was a splurge from Anthropologie as well as the Daisy curtains from there as well. The original rug I had planned on using was cancelled due to stock running out, which is a bummer but I think this rug is great too.

I kept the satin balloon shade over the small window, but hopefully at some point will continue the trim around the window.

Her shelves and bookcase remained the same, but I restyled them with old Baum books and her Frozen castle, which happen to have the same deep eggplant paint theme.

Gold brackets look great against this deep purple because yellow tones are complimentary to purple.

A gift from Santa was this vintage bronze horse hook.

Here's that yellow again, a row of vintage golden books.

Her bedding is from various places. The horse sheets are from Pottery Barn Teen's The Emily and Meritt collection.  The white Duvet and throw blanket are from Amazon.

The inside of her closet was painted a while ago with blush pink and gold polka dots. 

She has an assortment of succulents in her window and they get such great light in here.

The collection of artwork changed a little in this process. She really wanted to show just how much she loves horses, so some pieces were updated to art I found on Etsy.  And as for how I hang a gallery wall I don't do anything special. Just eyeball everything and nail it up. So professional right?

Well that wraps up this room for the time being! I hope this room continues to provide inspiration and a warm place to be during the upcoming years. 
Onto the next room of the house, the Master Bedroom, which has yet to have much done to it. It desparately needs some wall color too! 


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