Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living Room makeover complete!

Forgive me, but I have been remiss in sharing the end results of our living room makeover! We finished up week's ago and you got to see the paint go up and the rug, but I think the photos ended there.  So alas, I'm here to show you the progress of our living room. And you know me, it's done for now, but a room is never done in my opinion. Things change all the time.  So let me now remind you of how our living room looked on the day we had our inspection. 

Here is our fireplace when we first bought our house. Yeah, pretty bad huh? 

Then our fireplace looked like this for a while. It got a nice coat of white paint and the walls got a dark gray/green coat of Ralph Lauren paint. Our carpet was new, but beige and it quickly showed lots of stains and wear. What a mess our living room used to be.

Here's how our fireplace area looks today. Ah, sigh of much relief. Where did all those toys go you ask? I'll show you down below. 

Here is the left of the fireplace. Pretty boring eh?

Here is what we first did with it. You can see we put the TV in that corner. Which wasn't bad for a while.

Now that corner houses our computer armoire and remember all the toys that were on the floor? They are now in the bins under the big window. Yay for toy storage!


Here's another after shot of the much needed toy, record, and book storage. These expedit book cases really do the trick. 

Going around the room, this used to be the view from the living room into the dining room. And look at our sweet little one year old at the time. That boy is now 6!

That side looked like this at one point. That was my grandmother's sofa and the yellow end tables we kept. The sofa was too allergic for my son though.

Now that space looks like this:

Next up we have the wall that that leads to the back door. This is crappy shot, mostly of the ceiling. Maybe my son shot this one. Who knows what I was going for but it's the only original shot of this side. Nice ceiling fan huh?

At first we put our big black Expedit bookcase here, since it was the largest wall that could hold it. It wasn't bad and did provide massive amounts of storage. But since we decided to lighten the wall color and go with white furniture we sold it on craiglist and decided to move our TV to this wall. 

We added the TV and built the bookcases below. 

So what used to look like this:

Now looks like this:

Another better close up shot of the entertainment center.

Wow, looking back at those old original photos shows me just how far this room has come. Here is a budget breakdown of all the changes we made.

Sold our La-Z-boy recliner, made $250
Sold black expedit book case, made $120
Sold old TV stand, made $85
Made total - $455 to go back into the room.

New flooring from Lumber Liquidators - $300
Wall color Dolphin by Behr -$30
Entertainment center - $100
Rug from Overstock - Free
TV wall mount - $30, but used a gift card
Bought new office chair from Home Goods - $90
Total spent - $520.

Total for the whole living room. Wait for it!!   $65!!!!!!  Now that's what I call awesome!


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