Friday, January 17, 2014

Plants and Nate

It's always a bummer putting away the Christmas decorations and recycling the Christmas tree. All that Greenery and fun gone.  January Blues set in.  To alleviate this I got some cute green plants for the house and some cute new things that we've been needing. I've been seeing lots of Christmas cacti around other blogs and fell in love. I searched everywhere for one, but didn't find one until I purchased the last two from here. I mentioned this little guy in our Pom Pom Garland post, but wanted to show you again up close! :)

This pink Bromeliad from Home Depot is so cheery in the front window (where the Christmas tree used to be.) It's rather top heavy so we've had a few accidents of it tipping over. I had to turn it to lean against the window.  I just read that they bloom for 2-3 months but only once in their lifetime.

My poor 2013 calendar was about to get tossed, but the pictures in it were just too cute to throw out. Some got put up around the house. Here's one tucked into a frame in the living room.

Our living room NEEDED this chevron deer picture. I couldn't believe I found cute art at Target, but they are getting so hip there!  I love the raw wood frame too.

I just finished reading my Nate Berkus book, "The Things that Matter."  It was a great read!  I love you Nate Berkus!  When I was at Target picking up my deer art I found this cute rug by Nate. I'm a big fan of black and white and I love the arrow design.  I needed a kitchen rug and this one seemed to fit the bill. I love the wool rustic charm. 

Okay and that's it for me shopping this month!  I thought I was done in December!  Can't help getting sucked into those after Christmas deals!  Have a great three day weekend.


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