Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Framing an existing bathroom mirror

I'm pretty sure every house built in 1989 and then some came with HUGE plain mirrors in the bathrooms. They must be an industry standard when it comes to building supplies. They are functional and all, but they really are all about function and not making your bathroom pretty.

Here at Casa de Pearson we are all about working with what we have and doing things on the cheap.  We of course liked the idea of adding two mirrors to our double sink bathroom, but the way they would line up, wouldn't match the way the sinks line up. So we thought it would be best to use the existing mirror and add a frame around it. Here is what we came up with:

To kick off the process, Joe removed the old mirror because it had thick wall clips. He bought new flat mounts at Lowes, repositioned the mirror on the wall to give space for the new trim and mounted it again.  Removing the old mirror meant he had to take out the old screws and anchors and fill the holes with lightweight patch-n-paint.

Once the patch dried, Joe sanded it down and I got out the paint for the bathroom and painted over the holes. It's good that we saved the left over paint from the bathroom.

Next Joe went to work cutting the trim that we bought. I picked up two pieces of wood trim in the trim aisle at Lowes.  They were around $10 for an 8' piece. Only one style had an inset on the underside to allow it to sit against the mirror on the inner edge, while being close to flush with the wall. We cut each piece at a 45 degree angle using a miter box. The pieces were cut to the length of each edge of the mirror, as measuured along the groove along the backside of the trim. We then dug out little grooves to make space for the mirror mounts, again to make it sit more flush.

Next we put it up on the mirror just to see how it was looking.

Once the pieces were cut, I put them outside and gave them a coat of gray Valspar primer. I let them dry for one hour.

I brought the pieces inside and painted them with Martha Stewart's Living Textured Metallic Specialty Finish in "Anchor Gray." This gave it a nice textured finish with shiny flakes of glitter.

Here they are drying on the kitchen counter.

Once the trim was nice and dry Joe began gluing the pieces to the mirror, using a clear glue (the mirror will allow you to see the backside of the trim). He caulked around the edges (using black caulk) and then we had to paint another coat to hide the caulk. Painter's tape helped keep the lines crisp.

And now for another after shot from the other angle. You can read more on the stenciled wall here.

Here is a close-up of the frame so you can see the texture.

We love the way the new frame really makes the mirror stand out now. What do you think? Up next on our bathroom to-do list includes finding or making a longer shower curtain, replacing the shower curtain hooks, replacing the light fixtures (due to shoddy wiring) and replacing the shower head (eventually.)

Hope you enjoyed this little bathroom upgrade.



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