Friday, January 11, 2019

Office updates

There have been so many changes to our house that I haven't blogged about. Time gets away and life gets busy. I was looking through the house tour photos and realized I haven't updated so many of the photos.  I snapped some photos yesterday and updated that link plus I am showing you here. I will break it up into smaller posts because there are too many. Today are the office updates. 

I switched out the white chairs with the slip covers and put in these two Queen Anne dining room chairs. They are more open in the back so it let's you see the details of the desk, the wood plank inspired faux wood. Plus I added a throw blanket, faux fur pillow and this brown fur rug.

The french doors (as well as all the interior doors of the house) have been painted gray.  I also have since gotten a computer. My favorite part of my office. :)

The crystal lamp with the black lamp shade was a thrift store find for Halloween but it really works in here.

I found these cute doorknobs at a home store here and they are dummy knobs so were pretty easy to install.

The Bio Orb fish tank relocated here as well from the eat-in-kitchen. It's also very calming to watch them and listen to the bubbles.

With my new Kate Spade storage boxes my shelves look more filled in and complete.

I'm happy walking past this space now, since it's right off the entrance.  It feels clean, organized, and cozy all at the same time.

Happy January.


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