Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring has Sprung! (in the bedroom)

The conversation started a while back. "We really need a new mattress honey." "I know, my back hurts and ours is 12 years old!"  Then Joe got paid out for some old vacation time he didn't use and it seemed like a good time to finally take the plunge.  Then it spiraled out of control as per usual when we decide to change one thing.  We ended up choosing a 16" mattress, the bigger the better right? 

Well the mattress showed up, it was really big. We no longer could use our box spring or our old frame. So then I was bed frame shopping. I found a cute gray metal bed online, but the first one came and it was bent. We had to box it all up and return it.  The new one came, and with the old headboard it was too much gray for me. Everything around me was gray!  I needed color!  So then I had the brilliant idea to redo our headboard.

I wanted color and I wanted a happy fabric.  This fabric is called Fabricut Floral Pond Blossom and is a heavyweight 100% cotton fabric, perfect for upholstery projects.   At first I wasn't sure about the green in it, but it turns out I love it. 

With the new Memory Foam mattress it then became hard to sit on the edge without sort of slipping off. Why is that? Lucky for me, the perfect Tommy Hilfiger green velvet upholstered bench was at Home Goods and I snatched it up.

Well, this story as you can see spiraled quickly out of control.  We didn't have any spring bedding that went with the headboard and had to buy a new deep fitted sheet to fit the mattress. It turns out when you have a 16" mattress you need a fitted sheet that is at least 21" deep!

We washed and put away the Flannel winter Duvet cover and choose a pretty feminine duvet cover with dots from West Elm called Candlewick. We have it in the King Size. The blush pillow cases are also from West Elm in Tencel fabric. The white pillow cases are Kate Spade. The fitted sheet is Ralph Lauren Home and the gray flannel blanket is Tahari Home.

There is truly only one thing left to do to this room and it's change out that darn boob light!

The room just feels so much happier now and ready for Spring. 

Happy Spring Break I'm gonna go take nap now! 🌷


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