Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Guest Room Curtains

The old satin pink curtains that I sewed for the Guest Room just didn't work overall. Nothing seemed cohesive. Originally I thought the pink ceiling would flow downward into the curtains, but no. These new curtains from Anthropologie tie the pink ceiling and gray walls together. I love how rich the color is and how they add a ton of visual interest when you walk past the room. They are nicely lined as well. They are called Odelina in 108" length.  The artist who designed them is Cornelia O'Donovan, a London-based artist who draws inspiration from Celtic Mythology, medieval gardens and transient moments of verdant beauty. Sounds perfect to me. 

I think our guests will find the new TV an added hotel-like addition as well.

I think someday I might change the wall color, not sure yet, but it really is starting to look beige to me, not a light gray. It's Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams currently.


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