Friday, January 17, 2020

Dining Room

Does my table make me look old? lol I mean it is over 100 years old so maybe it's a little old fashion. It's here to stay so I can just dress it up with original hand made table cloths. Claw footed Tiger Oak tables are going to make a come back if I can help it. :) 

Also who's ready to skip to spring? We had a week of warms temps in NC and now it's getting chilly again. This past week has me ready to say goodbye to the cold.

Our family eats at this table almost nightly, except for when we have movie night. It's gets lots of traffic but the rug was made for that and the table gets better with age.

So much texture and pattern play here. 

If only there were smell-a-vision. These are glorious!

Just a few more months till spring guys!


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