Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Men's Closet Makeover

I was lying in the bathtub about 2 weeks ago and the view is straight into Joe's closet.  It wasn't a very good view to say the least. There was the beige carpet, the wire shelves, disheveled clothes, extra flooring from our old house shoved in the back forcing other things to get pushed forward. There was also the view of the horrible florescent light fixture.   Now it looks like this!  Behold! The coolest DIY project ever. Those ceiling tiles.  All of the sources are linked at the end of the blog post.

Here is the BEFORE when we first moved in.

And here is sort of what the state of the closet was in the present. Joe was using a blue bin to store summer clothes and using a red suit case with broken zippers.  I removed everything from the closet and forced him to sort the items he no longer wore.  He only got rid of a few items, including a beautiful pair of blue suede shoes he never wore because they were too big.  I got to work ripping out the carpet, painting the walls and making wooden shelf facades in order to keep the wire shelves. 

I used up the old flooring which saved some money and paint we had used in our pantry.  Joe helped me remove the florescent light and we added this beautiful brass school house fixture.

The ceiling tiles were definitely an experiment. I have never put up these before and learned a few things along the way. I started at the center to align the light fixture in the middle of the tile.  But looking back I kinda wish I started at the farthest wall so I didn't have to make so many extra cuts. I painted the tiles once installed and attached them using Command Velcro strips and some liquid nails.  I also caulked the seams.  

Joe now has a great place to store out of season clothes, in these cute gray fabric bins with rope handles.

His door was also painted prior to me starting this project and I added the milk glass door knob. 

Joe already had these vintage wooden pant hangers in this blonde wood color so naturally I purchased shirt hangers in the same color and decided to leave the shelves in their natural state. I just added a coat of Polyurethane. 

I am so in love with this old school fixture.  

No this is not a refrigerator. It just pretends to be. I scored it brand new for $50 at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  It provides great storage for accessories and travel supplies. 

A proper tie holder was a must needed accessory organizer. I love that Joe can now hang them and they will stay ironed.


Sweaters should always be folded so instead of buying soft hanging baskets that would eat up valuable hanging space I decided Joe needed a bookcase to store them.  This was fun to build and turned out so  well. 

The door knob is so beautiful. It's made of solid brass in an oil rubbed bronze finish with a milk glass knob.

This little detail was something I came up with.  I thought it was to provide more stability when I connected the face trim pieces to the shelves. They are actually brass hinges.  We used nails to connect the pieces so these hinges are purely decorative. 

I found a cute "J" hook at Anthropologie and it's a great place to hang his robe. 

And now for some gratuitous ceiling shots. 

This project entailed everything I'm good at -organizing, color coding, painting and filled my week keeping me busy during the pandemic.  I will now be twiddling my thumbs until I come up with a new project.  Hope you like it. 

Coat Hangers -  Top Line
Gray Fabric Bins - Storageworks
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Belt Hanger - Ohuhu
Ceiling Tiles - A La Maison
Similar Wood Flooring - Dutch Barn Oak
Wood for Shelves- Home Depot
Light Fixture - Lamps Plus



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