Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2021

Even though the world has opened up a bit and people are travelling again, we chose to stay close to home again this year.  Waiting for some normalcy before venturing out for fun again. Although we miss our extended family dearly and want nothing more than to be together for the holidays. My kids know no different being alone with just us every holiday, but Joe and I really feel the longlines of the past.   So even though it's just the five of us we still want it to feel special.  So without much planning I pulled together a tablescape with what we have and some grocery store blooms. 

We used our white Mikasa dinner plates and put our Narwhal Anthro plates on top.  The white Napkins are from Pottery Barn and were a wedding gift (still going strong after 18 years!)  

The black fur runner is from Amazon and the checkered black and white placemats are from Home Goods.  The glass pumpkin is from Home Goods also from three years ago.

I placed the flowers in a gold pot I found thrifting.  The gold candle sticks are also thrifted.

The blooms set me back $50, but I feel like this would have cost $200 if I bought it from a florist. It's a combination of white roses, white carnations, kale, daylilies, green dianthus, and white daisies.  I actually wanted a mixture of reds and dark pinks but they had nothing like that at the grocery store. 

Joe folded all the napkins for me. He learned this in Southern Living Magazine this year. He taught our daughter too which was very fun for her. 


I can't thank Joe enough for doing almost all of the cooking this year. It's really not enjoyable for me.  I made the fruit salad and helped chop things, but he did most everything else. And this weekend he is going above and beyond helping decorate both inside and out. Even risking his life on a ladder getting lights on the second story of our house this year. Stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 🦃

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