Sunday, February 5, 2023

DIY Pleated Lamp Shade

Here's my attempt at making a Pleated Lamp Shade, like all the rage in England and Pinterest. Here was my first attempt using a Rose thrift store fabric.  It gives off a Shabby Chic vibe, not really what I was going for. Upon the first try I learned a few things. First being that my pleats were too big. Secondly that wrapping the excess fabric around the top and bottom left for a messy finish from the inside. And if you're sitting at the right angle you can definitely see the inside. So because I used hot glue, the fabric and trim came off easily.  I have outlined a tried and true method for creating a beautifully finished Pleated Lamp Shade below.

My trial Lamp Shade

Here is the Lamp Shade that turned out better. First pick out a lamp shade that you already own or find another one better suited for your lamp at a Thrift store. It's easy to remove the existing fabric, or do what I did and just leave it there. You still get plenty of light shining through. Next find a cotton fabric that is light weight in a non-fussy pattern. No stripes! That is a nightmare to line up.

So to begin you should get about 3 yards of fabric, and then pin it on both sides after making your folds. Some people skip this step but it ensures you are evenly pleating and that it's straight up and down. 

After you are done pinning, trim off the excess fabric using the edges to keep your scissors straight.  Then take your hot glue gun and run lines around the edges and press down the fabric to the shade.  Remove pins one at a time while also adding a dot of glue to the folds. 

Next create two strips with your fabric and make something similar to bias tape. Using your iron fold in both sides and press.

Then using your glue gun again run a line around the bottom and press your strip down for a finished look. Trim off any string or fabric that sticks out. 

So there you have it. Pretty easy DIY project that gives you that English look for about $30 for two lamp shades.


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