Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Building Built-ins

When we moved out of our house where my husband had built built-in's we lost a great deal of storage.  In our new home we have cute little nooks on either side of the fire place. A perfect location to build built-ins. The builder of our house said we should hire this out because they wouldn't do a great job.  Thanks for the honesty! We don't hire things out, so it was a great DIY project to start out with.  And I was getting pretty frustrated looking at stuff all over the ground.

Joe bought  3/4" wood, 1/2" trim for outer edges, 1/4" trim for inner edges, and base molding from Lowes. There are several steps here that I'm leaving out because the hubs is WAY too busy to pin down right now. In fact I think he's training some people in China right now on Skype! LOL.

Both sides have holes drilled in the back for cords to run down to the outlets.

The boys helped sand all the shelves before I painted them.  These kids love earning video game time. Did I bribe them? Yes yes I did. Totally worth it.

It took three coats of white semi-gloss paint to get a nice finish. In hindsight I wish I had use an oil based paint for a harder finish.

After about three days of drying I started to add things in. I shopped around in the house for cute baskets and items that I wanted out.  This will probably change up, but for now I'm happy to have things off of the floor!


So thankful for a handy husband! Can't wait to add a pretty light fixture in here, some window treatments, crown molding, and extra seating.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gallery Wall

The art is finally going up today! I've been nailing all day. This gallery wall is in our breakfast room.  I guess it's the room I'm most excited about right now because of all my vintage finds. It's not quite done but here is the progress so far.  

Somehow I've taken this Southwest inspired, art deco feeling, modern, yet vintage approach to this house. Or at least this room. It's been fun so far incorporating old things and new finds. I scored the vintage brown credenza for $40 and these awesome black velvet and metal chairs for $7. Yes I just said $7. Pretty much the price of tax for a single chair.

All of the things on this wall have sentimental value.  Most everything is from or made by someone in my family. My brother Jeff of Jeff Hendrickson Design did all the vintage looking collages. My Grandmother painted the black round bird art. My other grandmother needlepointed the Home Sweet Home hankerchief.  I printed the gold art from online.  And the gold frame is a gift from my Mom from Italy.

My Christmas cactus is starting to bloom since this room gets so much light. And our fish tank is up and running. The kids picked out some tetra fish.

I really wanted to paint this credenza, but I'm honestly loving the mix of brown wood, blacks and grays in this room.

This black beauty was another score for $40.  It's our "liquor cabinet" that has a light inside and glass shelves.  Can't wait to throw our first party.

The southwest inspired rug is from Target. It ties the whole room together I think.  Only a few more things left to do in this room.  I still need to hang a curtain rod over the window and sliding glass door, and I'm on the search for a white tulip table.  I'll probably have to save up money to buy one since it will be pretty hard to find used.

Ok, back to unpacking!  I'm finding great treasures in my book boxes that lived in our attic for a while because we didn't have the space. Now I can't wait to find bookcases for everything.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Painting a garage entry

Well we're almost done unpacking! And projects are under way in the new house. We couldn't wait to get started and we've been painting, sanding, wood cutting fools for the past two weeks.  One of the first things I did because it was easy enough, was stain the staircase in the garage and paint the inside garage door.  Here is a before shot of the bare wood.

I added Minwax Wood Finish stain in Ebony.

I applied it with a brush and let it dry for a day and then added 2 coats of water based Minwax polycrylic polyurethane in a semi-gloss finish. I sanded between coats.  My puppy looks out into the garage to see what I'm doing. Don't worry, it's dry!

The door got two coats of Valspar's Sea Sparkle in a satin finish. It happened to be one of the paints we took with us that I never got around to using.

The bookcase fit perectly in this space. I found it at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $25. I was going to use it in the house, but decided we needed garage organization stat!  If you notice the garage walls are unfinished.  At some point down the road we'd like to paint the walls and add rafters, shelves, and some cabinets.

I'm happy to have finally found some time to write and hope to keep sharing these little (and bigger) projects with you.


Monday, February 22, 2016

That day I met Jonathan and Drew Scott

WHAT! I am truly STAR STRUCK!  I love these boys. They are inspiring in so many ways.  From their show "The Property Brothers" on HGTV to the fact that they grew up on a farm in Canada but have made their way to the top in America. It's what dreams are made of. These fellas are talented! I was honored to meet them and shake their hands at this year's Raleigh Home Show at the Downtown Raleigh Convention center. I was a lucky winner of two wristbands to meet them. I couldn't have been more excited.  I hope I can see them again some day. Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott -you guys are seriously awesome!


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Painted night stand

I probably shouldn't go into stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore right before moving.  As if we didn't have enough to move, 3 full PODS of stuff, and I come home with 4 more things!  I couldn't help it.  I scored an old vintage credenza for $75. A cool shiny black and gold Media cabinet that I want to turn into a liquor cabinet for $85, a cool tall chair I can use to cut the kid's hair for $30, and lastly a vintage Hammary wooden end table for $25. Everything came home with me, (gotta love a minivan that can bring home huge pieces of furniture) and Joe's awesome friends helped put everything into the POD.  Except for the nightstand. I wanted to crank out one last painted piece before I hung my brushes to dry for the very last time at the old house.  BTW, we have one last week in our house.  We are crazy busy packing, retouching walls, filling holes, fixing trim we removed for furniture to fit snug against a wall, etc. etc! And right now I can hear Joe with his new Forstner Bit outside drilling out the inside of a huge Log from a tree we cut down a month ago so we can make a cool table out of it and it won't end up weighing 200 pounds. At least that's what it feels like.

So needless to say we are super busy! But here's the table I managed to do in a few days in between things.

Painted in Valspar's Gloss Cobalt Cannon. Inside the bottom drawer is stamped "Hammary." The beauty of this piece to me are the gold original caster wheels, and that pretty gold handle.  Originally thinking it would go in the boy's room, but it would also be great for the guest room. Not sure just where yet, but I think it will be great in just about any room.

Can't wait to show you more vintage furniture finds and how we will decorate our new house.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Our New home

After a whirlwind process of deciding whether to sell our home, we did it.  It was on the market for one day and the first person who saw it made us an offer. We had a plan with our realtor to show it to more people and have the open houses that were already planned, so it was a week of us living out of our car and then finally just leaving town for the weekend, but it was nice knowing that we got several back up offers. We could rest easy. We're sad to leave our beloved first home that we worked so hard on over the course of 8 years. But we were bursting at the seams with only 1,500 sq. ft. and three kids and 1 new puppy.   We made a few offers on other houses that we didn't get because we were outbid and one house that we went under contract with didn't work out because there were too many red flags on the inspection report.  With only about three weeks to be out or house, the decision was easy to buy a new ready made house that already had the finishes we were looking for and a move in a date that didn't leave us homeless for too long.

SO, here she is. Our new Craftsman style home.  She's 3,420 sq. feet (upgrade!) and over 12,000+ sq. feet of land.  She's pretty basic at the moment but there's a lot to already love. We can't wait to move in and start adding architectural details and furnishings. We're gonna take it slow, decorating one room at a time until we're done.  If we budget correctly we can hopefully finish in 2 years. I know decorating is never really "finished" in my eyes, but at least each room will be functional and fun.

Here are some pics for you! These are BEFORE pics. When we move in, I'll add more pics of each room from every angle.

Entry/Foyer, looking into the Study

The formal dining room.

The Great Room.

The Kitchen.

The mudroom

First Floor Guest Suite

First Floor Guest Bathroom.

Master Suite.

Master Bath.

Game Room.

Boy's room.

Girl's Room.

 Craft/Sewing Room.


Back of house.

Can't wait to share in this new adventure with you!

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