Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dreaming of Roses

My affinity for Roses must come from my love of English Gardens or perhaps that my mom grew them in our yard in Southern California. I remember my mom getting a miniature rose bush as a gift and then transplanting it to a corner of a yard when the flowers died. Then several years later we'd have huge bushes that took up the entire corner filled with red and yellow flowers.  I've been pinning rose bushes to my Pinterest landscaping page and it turns out that I'm really drawn to the pink and white varieties.  Here are some that I must get for my garden come spring. BTW, if you live in the Triangle Area in NC, I highly recommend Witherspoon Rose Culture.

In the backyard I want to plant four white Climbing Iceberg roses.  These will get between 12-14' high and will look beautiful between my Italian Cypresses.

Picture this:

Here is how spread out it can get, but this may take many years and proper pruning.

A close-up of the Climbing Iceberg.

So the backyard is looking like white roses and evergreens on one side and currently I have a mixture of miniature roses on the other side that involves the following purple, red, and yellow roses. I know it's a hodgepodge but I kind of like having a space in the yard to plop down gift roses just like my mom did when I was young.

In the front yard we added a Climbing New Dawn light pink rose bush that will hopefully climb beautifully over the garage.  Come Spring Joe will design and install a trellis over the garage to hold it because it can climb upwards of about 18-20'!  

A few other rose bushes were added to the front yard this past summer that I think will grow so nicely this spring and I can't wait to see them come back to life. The first is the Margaret Merrill rose bush. It has one of the most fragrant scents of any rose bush I've ever smelled. Roses in the front are definitely leaning towards whites and pinks.

In the front left corner of the house I would love to have a Climbing Eden Rose bush on the fence. 

I put in several (6) cute popcorn drift roses that are super soft yellow that turn into a pure white as they mature and seem to last all season long. 

In addition to the yellow popcorn, we installed the six peach drift roses shaped like topiaries down the driveway. 

I hope that by summer's peak I can take some photos of my roses in full bloom for you.  They are truly worth the effort. 


Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas tour 2017

This commences our 2nd year in our new home. We're slowly adding things as we go. This year I added four wreaths that I made to the windows in the living room. I made four wreaths for the dining room table chairs and two wreaths for my office doors.  In addition to the wreaths there's a few more decor items like the black and white reindeer in the living room, the wooden reindeer frame in the living room and the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas frame by the front door. We got a new white tree for the loft, a sparkly gold tree for the craft room, and a silver tree for our bedroom. It's so fun being able to add Christmas decorations that we didn't have the space for before. Hopefully you enjoy this Christmas tour and hopefully it gets better every year.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

I couldn't let the month pass without posting pics of our inside and outside decorations. It is my favorite holiday after all. We are putting the finishing touches on our costumes and getting ready for our Halloween party.
Happy Halloween 🍅🕸

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