Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's cards 2017

The kids and I decided that this year it would be way more fun to make valentine's cards then to buy ready made cards.  We were inspired by all the great cards on Pinterest but decided these were the best.
For these we needed:
Simple white card stock
A rubber stamp that spells LOVE
A pink ink pad
Tiny plastic food bags
Pink jelly bellies, we purchased Cotton candy flavor and bubble gum flavor from a local candy store. For three classes we spent $30.
A pen

That's it! Super simple but classic.

Happy Valentine's day!!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Leopard Master Bath

I'm so glad I decided to hang on to the leopard stencil I won from Royal Design Studio that I once used in my daughter's room.  Spinning ideas around for a cute (and cheap) bathroom makeover I thought this room called for something fun and exciting. It literally cost almost nothing.  

The whole bathroom went from "Agreeable Gray" by Sherwin Williams to Snow Bound by Sherwin Williams in a Semi-Gloss finish. The reason I changed the wall color was because it was painted in a flat paint, which as you know is very hard to clean and shows every mark.  Once it was totally white, I thought a black leopard print would look great. 

The stencil I used is from Royal Design Studio. I used a round foam paint brush to apply the paint. I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in the color "Carbon."  Let me say, the process of stenciling this tiny bathroom took forever! I had to do one section at a time and let it dry. Otherwise I was smearing black paint when I placed the stencil sheet over the overlapping parts.  I would do only 2-4 sections a day, so it took almost two weeks to finish.  When I was finished, I went back with a regular paint brush to touch up each spot. Then I went back in with white paint to touch up any smears.

Today I shopped for pretty flowers and decided to give it a go designing my own bouquet. Do you think I have a future in floral design? :)

For the art I found a Hawaii and California image that I printed on Card Stock and framed with white picture frames from Michaels.

Did you notice my gold handle on the toilet?  I painted it with acrylic craft paint.  So far so good. It adhered really well.

The light fixture was a fun DIY project. Joe simply detached the mushroom light that was in there and took off the glass dome cover. I spray painted it gold and then I strung 20 - 16 mm white wooden beads onto 15 strands of fishing line.  We drilled 15 holes and tied them on the inside. I gathered it and tied it off with white thread.  When I was looking for light fixtures, beaded ones were upwards of $250.  Instead I spent $4. :)

A reminder of how the bathroom looked when I started. Snooze.

Hopefully soon I can show you the rest of the bathroom. 

Happy February!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Furniture rehab

At the start of the new year I started thinking about ways in which I can use my free time more wisely. I can only Pinterest gaze for so long before my brain is swirling with ideas. It is my hope that I can use my time to rehab furniture into pieces that can be again enjoyed by another person or family. These cast away furniture pieces no longer fit into someone's lifestyle.  I want to take them and bring them back to life.  My first finished piece is this beautiful Vintage Broyhill dresser/armoire.  It has great bones, was well in tact, and I knew it didn't need much, just a facelift.

Even though certain paints claim that you don't need to sand before painting, I'm a purest when it comes to quality and best methods for paint adhesion. I chose to completely sand this down using 220 grit sand paper. I removed the hardware first and used a Brass Cleaner to get the years of tarnish cleaned off.  After it was sanded, I used a DeGlosser to remove any dust and shine left over.  This cleaner also claims to eliminate the sanding step.  Maybe? But I'd rather be safe than sorry.


I painted this with Annie Sloan's chalk paint found at a cute store in Apex, NC called "Two Old Birds." When you get a chance check them out.  Super cute store!  The color on the outside is called "Antoinette."  I used two coats and finished off with Annie Sloan's finishing wax.  For a special surprise on the inside I used gray chalk paint on the upper cabinets. The drawers were all lined with vintage rose pattern paper.

Quality furniture has distinctive dove tail joints and the furniture maker often stamps their mark on the inside. Something to pay attention to when shopping for used furniture.

The inside cabinet doors were painted with three coats of chalkboard paint and then primed with chalk. It's a super fun way to write notes to your kids or have them write notes to you.

The pink paint, the gold hardware and the gray interior.  How can you go wrong?  I'm so in love with these colors.

This piece is for sale. Please see the For Sale Section if you are interested!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Master Closet mini makeover

Pink walls? Shaggy Sheepskin Rugs? 70's vintage photographs?  Wow, sometimes I don't even know where things are going. But here we are. My closet makeover. It started out with beige walls, beige carpet, and wire shelves.  Now we have the whole thing painted "Intimate White" by Sherwin Williams in an Egg Shell finish (even the ceiling!)  Joe crafted some gray stained shelves with a lip to partly disguise the wire shelves. I also strung 80 strands of crystals through the Florescent light fixture. The shoe rack got a makeover with shiny gray paint. The beige carpet was replaced with nice wood flooring. The wire brackets were painted with gold acrylic paint. And of course the Sheepskin rug. Here you have it. A cheap and easy closet makeover. Maybe some day I'll get built-ins. But honestly this works fine.





The process of laying the flooring went pretty fast, approximately one day, including quarter round and caulking and painting the trim.


I loved that I carved out this little space in the back of the closet for a place to put jewelry on. It's very convenient when getting ready for bed or dressed in the morning.

Someone loves the sheepskin as much as I do. Now I will know where to look in case one of the kids goes missing.

I love this little Coco Chanel framed print from Home Goods, it reads "Keep your heels, head and standards high."

I thought this little necklace holder made out of white painted wood was very cute and really functional. Happy to have a place to hold some necklaces.

I'm happy to report that I am *almost* done painting all of the upstairs doors this "Gray Matters" by Sherwin Williams. After 12 hours of painting 17 doors, much to dismay I learned that they will all need three coats of paint, adding another 3 hours of work. Guess that will happen tomorrow. And I think I see the kid still curled up on the floor.

Here is the light fixture, DIY crystals looped through tiny holes we drilled in the plastic cover of the florescent light bulb. I guess it's a temporary fix until we find some awesome light fixture to replace it with. Oh and a great way to have cute storage is to find some cute wrapping paper and wrap up those old shoe boxes you have lying around in your closet.

Glad the closet is "done" for now. It's functional and a lot cuter than before.  We're almost finished with the quick Master Bathroom makeover. Just need some lights and we can post pics so stay tuned.


Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our 2016 Christmas home tour! We were so excited to decorate our new home for Christmas.  We used a lot of what we already had but added a few new things this year as well.  We always veer slightly away from traditional red and green and go for more for jewel tones.  We like a lot of vintage things too.  So grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy!

I finally used my birthday gift card to a local store called "Morgan Imports" to buy this pre-lit white light Christmas tree.  I made some pink Pom Pom knit garland to wrap around. Later on, see below pic, I added some smaller Navy pom pom garland.  

The tree moves around some. Now it's in the office window.

I have a paper lantern star in the other office window.

This picture of our foyer doesn't have much "Christmas" going on, but rather a sneak peak into a project I have been working on all week -painting all of the downstairs interior doors grey.

Simple gifts make great decorations too.  I loved trying to decorate around this notion  -using things around the house and not spending money on decorations just to fill space.

I was a little obsessed with yarn poms this year. Here's another teal pom pom garland that I knitted and some grey finger knitted garland that my son makes. Inside the hutch lots of my Grandmother's ornaments are on display.

My "tablescape" for Christmas dinner includes English Christmas crackers for everyone and vintage C9 Christmas light bulbs fill my centerpiece.

Alas, Oh Christmas tree! We found a beautiful 9' Frasier fir from the NC mountains. It smells so divine and the multi-colored mini lights give it a vintage feel.

Our stockings were needle pointed by my husband's mom and the kid's stockings were done by my husband's God Mother.  Look, more poms!

Can I just say how in love I am with this pink bottle brush tree? I found it at Michael's and had to have it.  My Christmas cactus has lasted through a season, but already bloomed.  Mr. Fox fit the bill for Thanksgiving but seems pretty wintery to me.  The 4 doll ornaments are hand painted famous artists, a gift from Joe's aunt this year.

The small pink trees made it to our eat-in-kitchen where we'll probably have our desserts set out on Christmas eve.  We think they give this space a good dose of color and Christmas spirit.

I added more C9 lights to an apothecary jar with some battery powered white LED lights.  It makes an adorable center piece.

My DIY Feather wreath looks great in here.  I've also added some grey linen curtains in here this week. And hey Bentley (our dog.)

Our Kitchen island island got a grey coat of paint this week too.

The drink area has paper Santa and reindeer straws, some drink stirrers, and "Jingle Juice" napkins, all ready for Christmas Eve egg nog!

I love the view looking into the living room. We rearranged some furniture so it feels more open.

Another apothecary DIY moment going on at the kitchen island. It's a little "winter snow scene" I created with fake snow, some pink bottle brush trees, and a tiny sparkly reindeer.  Placed on a marble cheese tray and I'm crazy about it.

The guest bathroom has a few touches, Cranberry soap, some evergreen potpourri, and balsam fir spray.

Upstairs there are a few simple Christmas touches. In the Master bedroom I have a few Christmas tree sprigs next to the bed.

In the loft, a small green tree with purple glass balls and some vintage ornaments.

One of my all time favorite decorations is this hanging ball from the 70's maybe that used to hang in my house as a child.

E.claire's room has the Christmas blanket and pillow cases I made for her years ago, some neat LED snowflakes that hang in her two small windows and her pink tree.

The boys have their flannel deer sheets, their red plaid throws I made for them and their little green tree.

Let's take a step outside.  I absolutely love having a covered front porch. We can decorate out there like we can inside.  My DIY wreath, but with LED lights this year.

Our vintage sleds made pretty cool decorations (I think.) And a simple silver basket of pine cones from the yard.

We overdosed on outside colored lights, but what's new?  We added some fun round LED color changing spheres.

All lit up! Next year we need to figure out a way to get lights up on that second story.  It's quite the challenge!

And here's wishing you and yours a very sparkly and bright holiday season and a Very Merry New Year!


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