Monday, January 8, 2024

New Year, Old Rugs

Happy New Year! 🥳 2024 is going to be the year of color! Who's tired of Beige? Greige? Grey? All things monotone and natural?  In my humble opinion, your house should bring you joy and comfort. It shouldn't subscribe to some Shea McGee standard of decorating where you bought everything at Target to decorate your house. Get out there and pillage your local thrift stores and FB marketplace. Decorate your house the way you want to and not succumb to what Instagram thinks looks great. Buying things second hand also eliminates purchasing items made in China and has chemical off-gassing.   This year, spend less, and give your house the color and character is so drastically needs.  

My new old Rug is from the 1920's, a Persian Spartan Antique rug with lots of Navy and Maroon/pink wool. It's 9 x 12 and I snatched it up from my local Restore. It had been donated by The Persian Carpet Company across the street.   I got it for an embarrassingly low price.   I saved even more money by laundering it myself with the good ol' garden hose, a bucket of dish soap and water, and a scrub brush.  It air dried for several days in my garage with fans running.  This corner of the room needs more color or perhaps I leave it neutral and let the rug shine.

I purchased the rug in late November and it took several weeks to launder so I had time to give my lampshades new pleated fabric from Joann's. I wanted to add even more color that would go with the rug. I also found this beautiful wool throw blanket from an Etsy seller called SultansGem.  

My vintage knitted Peacock feather tablecloth works so well in here and I have new books to read for the new year. One is called the Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds. A place I'd like to visit some day.

Does anyone else leave up their New Year's Eve lights all through January?  It really helps me cope with the loss my Christmas decorations. 

Also I don't care if my living room/house makes me look 80 years old.  80 year olds know what's up. 

 Happy New Year, now who's down for Thrifting??



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Sarni said...

Wow wow wow - makes me want to head to goodwill - only mine is horrible. I like old - that is when things were made well and to Last. Lovely rooms

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