Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guest Bathroom clean up

It's not really our "guest bathroom" anymore, since we haven't had a guest sleep over in a long time, but it's the kid's bathroom. It was in serious need of some major clean up and decluttering.  I spent Friday night wondering how I could make it worthy of someone else wanting to use it, other than our kids who couldn't care less how it looked.

Again, here's how our bathroom looked when we moved in.

And here's how it looked on Friday before my plan took action.

My plan was to remove the shelves, mirror, picture frame, patch the holes, paint the holes, replace the shower curtain, and add white towels. Basically I wanted it to look clean and fresh, with zero personality. Joking. But honestly, if we plan to sell our house, which we've thrown around the idea recently, then it was time to start making it look brand new.

We spent several hours scrubbing all the grout in the bathroom (more on that later) so we could start with a clean bathroom. 

Here is the stenciled wall now, after the black and white London picture was taken down and I've added white towels for a cleaner look.

Here I've taken down all the stuff from that wall next to the mirror, patched the holes and painted.

I found Orla Kiely green soap dispensers at Target for each sink and added a little bunny soap to the soap dish.

My favorite update is this white ruffled shower curtain from Target. It's definitely a lot fresher and cleaner feeling than the off white one that was there before. I also replaced the shower curtain rings for new ones and also the clear liner.

Nothing beats a clean shower!  We haven't stained the grout in this bathroom yet, but we'll get to that this weekend. We're waiting for the Master bathroom grout to cure before starting on this bathroom. We need one working bathroom.

Definitely enjoying the clean and uncluttered bathroom.

Here's a view you probably haven't seen.  Eventually we'll take down all the hallway doors including this bathroom door and replace the rusty hinges and doorknobs (hopefully next month.)

Hopefully the bathroom will look this clean for more than a few days.  Who am I kidding?  :)


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