Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frosted bathroom window

Mini-blinds. I can't say that I like them. I know they are functional and cheap, but seriously hard to clean. Our mini-blinds in the bathroom have come down before, but this time they've come down for good. One of the slats was bent and I gave it the ol' college try to get them clean but it just wasn't happening. 

I got my screw driver and off they came. It was pretty easy so I was happy about that and didn't need to ask dear Joe to take them down for me.  I caulked the holes that were left and painted over the trim.  Now I had a clean pallet.

I was trying to decide if I should hang curtains, maybe some sheer ones or do something else.  I really like the big windows and all the natural light that floods into the bathroom so I decided I would frost the lower two windows.   I taped the edges off with painters tape and laid a towel on the ground.

And since I was going to spray paint frosting on the glass inside the house, I was sure to wear my respirator mask, open the windows, and run the bathroom fan.  I left the windows open and the fan running for several hours afterwards just to be sure all the smell was gone.

It took several coats to get them looking like this.

I ended up liking the way they turned out, but unfortunately when the sun went down a lot of old white paint that was still on the glass really showed up. Joe and I were both disappointed that the edges looked awful.

So the next day I scraped off all the frosting with a razor blade and some rubbing alcohol.  It came off pretty well.  Then I decided to try something fun.  I went to Michaels and found a gold Spanish tile sticker sheet that I could stick right in the middle of the window for some added flair!

Unfortunately this wasn't your average peel and stick sheet, so I had to manually place each piece of sticker and hope that I lined it up correctly.  It was seriously painful.  I also had to measure the window dimensions first and get the center point so I could have it exactly centered.

I then frosted the window again.  This time making sure the glass was completely clean of all left over paint and white splatters from the trim.

After it was dry I removed the decal and was pretty happy that it came off easily and didn't peel the frosting up with it.  I only waited about 30 minutes before removing the decal so it wasn't totally cured, which helped not peel up the surrounding frosting.

Now we have a little bit of interest in the middle of the glass and much needed privacy, but with tons of light still coming in.  I think it was the perfect and cheap way to get the result I wanted.  And if you're wondering, with a 50% off Michaels coupon I only spent about $3 on these decals which included two in a pack. The spray frosting is by Valspar and was from Lowes.


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