Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally Framed Artwork

This print from Etsy's Pen & Paint shop has been sitting in my daughter's room for months. I ordered it for her back when we redid her toddler room in Coral and Navy Blue.  I love this quote "Be Still & Know." I guess it's a bible quote, but I like it because it's a reminder to have faith in her decisions and not to doubt herself. I want my daughter to grow up strong and reassured. Confident in her choices. And to also know that I will be with her every step of the way.

I picked up the white frame from Target. It was really well priced, I think $13.99 for an 8' x 10' opening, 11' x 14' when matted. This photo looks a little cluttered with all her toys, but at least they are organized! And I finally filled that bookcase that I painted several months back.

Next to the new print I taped up a little raccoon painting from my 2013 calendar with some floral washi tape. I think the formality of the big print with the casualness of the little one works well together. Notice the wooden desk calendar on the top of the bookcase? She built that herself and painted it at a kid's Home Depot workshop on January 4th. She proudly displays it.

Here are some close-ups of her shelves. I am always changing things around. I added these two fabric collages under the top shelf and added some Washi tape around the edges of the shelves for some interest.  I found the cute coral bowl at Target a while back so she has a place to store her bows and hair ties.

Her Tiffany's piggy bank makes a great holder for her birthday cake paper garland.

So I'm finally feeling like her room is complete.  We've got all her prints hung.  But like I said things are always changing so I'll keep you in the loop! :)


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Yes, biblical. oxoxoxo

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