Monday, November 10, 2014

Felt Acorns

Look at our lovely leaves falling! I took this quick video from our window during a chilly afternoon to capture the beauty of Fall, especially in my neighborhood with all the big trees.

During this lovely Fall day I had the kids help gather some acorn tops outside to make a cute Fall/or Winter craft.  Felted acorn ornaments!
We painted the tops with a paint brush using some metallic paint. You could also use spray paint but we didn't have gold which is the color I wanted to use originally.

At Michaels I picked up 100% wool roving and used my 40% off coupon. It was just a few dollars.

I also picked up some twine in the floral section of Michaels for a few dollars.

In order to make little balls I tore off little bits of the wool and rolled it into a ball and then dipped it in soapy water and then squeezed out the excess.  I let the balls dry over night.

I attached the balls inside the acorn caps using my hot glue gun and I attached the twine the same way. Once they were dry I hung them through a longer piece of twine to display.

They made a cute addition to the mantel I think!

When Thanksgiving is over I think they could make cute toppers for gifts or even look great as Christmas tree ornaments.

Here's some little close-ups.

Happy Fall Ya'll!



Sarni said...

Happy Fall(ing Acorns and leaves) Natures gifts made even better by the Pea-Hen Pad! Lovely

Peahen Pad said...


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