Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Building Built-ins

When we moved out of our house where my husband had built built-in's we lost a great deal of storage.  In our new home we have cute little nooks on either side of the fire place. A perfect location to build built-ins. The builder of our house said we should hire this out because they wouldn't do a great job.  Thanks for the honesty! We don't hire things out, so it was a great DIY project to start out with.  And I was getting pretty frustrated looking at stuff all over the ground.

Joe bought  3/4" wood, 1/2" trim for outer edges, 1/4" trim for inner edges, and base molding from Lowes. There are several steps here that I'm leaving out because the hubs is WAY too busy to pin down right now. In fact I think he's training some people in China right now on Skype! LOL.

Both sides have holes drilled in the back for cords to run down to the outlets.

The boys helped sand all the shelves before I painted them.  These kids love earning video game time. Did I bribe them? Yes yes I did. Totally worth it.

It took three coats of white semi-gloss paint to get a nice finish. In hindsight I wish I had use an oil based paint for a harder finish.

After about three days of drying I started to add things in. I shopped around in the house for cute baskets and items that I wanted out.  This will probably change up, but for now I'm happy to have things off of the floor!


So thankful for a handy husband! Can't wait to add a pretty light fixture in here, some window treatments, crown molding, and extra seating.


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Sarni said...

Lovely Job and oh what team-work!

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