Saturday, September 17, 2016

6th birthday Bird party

Another great birthday in the books.  The birthday party for my daughter who just turned 6 was a bird themed party. Based on her real desire to some day own parakeets. Well, luckily a friend bought her a bird that sings. Here's how we decorated and went with her theme.

Simple tassel garland across the hutch.

Martha Stewart paper lanterns and wheels.

Her name garland across the mantel.

I made simple vanilla cupcakes with a TON of frosting. The bird picks and cupcake liners are designed by Meri Meri.

The chocolate bird nests are super easy and fun, especially for a bird party.

I found little bird cut outs for the food area.

Each child decorated white paper bags with foam circles to make a bird body with feathers and eyes. They wrote their names on their bags and used them later on for a "bird egg" hunt.

E. waiting for her friends to show up. She's wearing an owl dress from this cute line at Target called "Cat and Jack."

Fruit kabobs. My daughter had fun making these and the kids loved them.

Lots of crackers, cheese, and things to nibble on.

Bird Nest with eggs in it (pretzels and marshmallows.)

I don't know why, but I thought ants on a log would be something a bird would eat, so it seemed to fit.

Deviled eggs make another good bird themed food.

The bag making activity took a good 15 minutes. We did this first so they would be dry for the egg hunt.

Had to sneak in for a quick pic!

The finished bird bag.

Joe cut out 15 birdhouses from fence pickets. The kids each painted one and they happily painted for a good 30 minutes.

I wish I had taken a photo the whole basket of eggs, but they turned out really cute. We used plastic Easter eggs and I spray painted them with stone spray to give them a speckled egg look. We filled them with felt bird stickers, jelly beans, plastic balls, and tootsie rolls. One special egg had a silver bird charm.

 A bird theme party was super fun and super easy.  Her love of animals must come from me. We'd have a whole zoo at home if my kids had their way.



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