Thursday, January 12, 2017

Master Closet mini makeover

Pink walls? Shaggy Sheepskin Rugs? 70's vintage photographs?  Wow, sometimes I don't even know where things are going. But here we are. My closet makeover. It started out with beige walls, beige carpet, and wire shelves.  Now we have the whole thing painted "Intimate White" by Sherwin Williams in an Egg Shell finish (even the ceiling!)  Joe crafted some gray stained shelves with a lip to partly disguise the wire shelves. I also strung 80 strands of crystals through the Florescent light fixture. The shoe rack got a makeover with shiny gray paint. The beige carpet was replaced with nice wood flooring. The wire brackets were painted with gold acrylic paint. And of course the Sheepskin rug. Here you have it. A cheap and easy closet makeover. Maybe some day I'll get built-ins. But honestly this works fine.





The process of laying the flooring went pretty fast, approximately one day, including quarter round and caulking and painting the trim.


I loved that I carved out this little space in the back of the closet for a place to put jewelry on. It's very convenient when getting ready for bed or dressed in the morning.

Someone loves the sheepskin as much as I do. Now I will know where to look in case one of the kids goes missing.

I love this little Coco Chanel framed print from Home Goods, it reads "Keep your heels, head and standards high."

I thought this little necklace holder made out of white painted wood was very cute and really functional. Happy to have a place to hold some necklaces.

I'm happy to report that I am *almost* done painting all of the upstairs doors this "Gray Matters" by Sherwin Williams. After 12 hours of painting 17 doors, much to dismay I learned that they will all need three coats of paint, adding another 3 hours of work. Guess that will happen tomorrow. And I think I see the kid still curled up on the floor.

Here is the light fixture, DIY crystals looped through tiny holes we drilled in the plastic cover of the florescent light bulb. I guess it's a temporary fix until we find some awesome light fixture to replace it with. Oh and a great way to have cute storage is to find some cute wrapping paper and wrap up those old shoe boxes you have lying around in your closet.

Glad the closet is "done" for now. It's functional and a lot cuter than before.  We're almost finished with the quick Master Bathroom makeover. Just need some lights and we can post pics so stay tuned.


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Sarni said...

Handbag storage - I just saw a cute idea. a short dowel rod between two holders; plastic shower curtain rings where you could slip a handle on and off quickly.

You have such great glam ideas !

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