Monday, September 17, 2018

DIY Rabbit hutch

There are tons of old computer hutches out there. Why not turn one into a rabbit hutch and make your kids super happy!  I found this cute blue hutch at the Habitat for Humanity Restore right here in Durham for $70. I already loved the blue so all it needed was some ventilation and some reinforced  waterproof flooring.



We had to make some tweaks to the inside of the computer hutch by removing the computer keyboard tray and the printer tray, cutting some holes for the rabbits to climb using a jigsaw and removing the panels on the back and cutting out some side windows.

For the back of the cage we used Garden Zone Cage Wire in a thickest one they sold, 16 gauge. 

The floors were tiled in Stainmaster luxury vinyl tile in the Charlotte design. This box was $30.

The front and sides of the hutch were outfitted with Perforated Sheet metal in a Union Jack Design. Each sheet of metal is $30 and we needed two full sheets. 

For two bunnies that are bonded together they always like to be together so we bought a large enough litter pan so they can be in there together and since bunnies like to use the bathroom at the same time they are eating it helps to put the food and hay baskets right over their litter box (and water.)

I found this old library wooden stool at the Restore as well and painted it gray. Bunnies love to hop up and club and it allows them to get to the top level. 

The rabbits and kids are so happy!  Pretty soon they will have free roam of this room and take the whole place over.


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