Tuesday, June 9, 2020

DIY Pea Pebble Fire ring

It's usually always better to do things right the first time, which is something I'm still figuring out. When I decided to put in a fire ring in the backyard, I was thinking all I had to do was add landscape fabric in a circle formation and dump some pea gravel on it. Well as you can see from this pic, it didn't exactly hold up over time. You see there were gaps in the landscape fabric which meant my invasive Bermuda grass just kept creeping up. And then there is the border, or lack of border which started to drive me crazy. I like neat defined edges, especially when doing mowing and edging.  


This time I measured out a perfect ring with strings from the middle to the edge and spray painted as as I went along. I needed 60 feet of rubber edging and a lot of sweat equity to dig out the ring and push the 6" border down into the ground.  I added 20 more bags of pea gravel once the border was complete. 

A few weeks before I finished the ring, I also gave the chairs a good scrub and spray painted them with outdoor dark gray spray paint. 

The results are so much better and inviting.  Our garden along the fence as been spruced up too with the addition of a horse sculpture, citronella candles, landscape lights, and yard decorations.

I found the cute Navy Blue throw pillows and light blue blankets from my local At Home store.

Summer nights got a whole lot sweeter. Now to finish the patio project I started and wrap up our pantry makeover! Stay tuned.


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