Saturday, January 2, 2021

Persian Rugs

Happy New Year!! Spent the whole day on the 1st of the year putting away Christmas decorations, cleaning, and displaying some new items for the new Year!  A few rugs from Turkey came, a beautiful runner in pinks and blues for the upstairs hallway and a "prayer" rug for entry way into the kitchen. 

I absolutely love the quality of vintage rugs. You can't even compare them with new rugs. They were built to last. This runner is from the 1950's and has minimal wear.  I purchased a thick rug pad to go underneath to both protect the floor and the rug from more wear. 

This rug is 11' long by about 3' wide.  It really brightens up the hallway.

And downstairs I got this 4' by 3' prayer rug in teal.  I love the color so much and it brings life to this little space. 

I'm waiting on one additional rug for the kitchen and in the meantime, I will be adding more wallpaper to these curved walls. Wish me luck!


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