Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Christmas 2022 House Tour

Welcome to our two days of decorating the inside of our house tour! We spent Black Friday and part of Sunday putting up our Christmas tree and decorating. We spent one full day outside and I'll try to photograph that tomorrow. Most everything has been collected over the years but we have a few new things this year. 

The Entry

One of my favorite little corners is here in the dining room. I found the paper LED tree from World Market and the green Velvet pillow from Home Goods.

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

It was fun to add our Christmas mugs to our under cabinet hooks this year. We've been making good use of the Santa mugs with our Espresso machine.

The Living Room

The Eat in Kitchen

The Kid's Bathroom

I added a new Christmas Shower Curtain to the Kid's bath. Every room needs to be festive!

The Master Bedroom

I dried oranges slices and made garland for the tree.

Downstairs Bath

Upstairs in the loft I removed the colored lights that came prewired with this tree. That was a long task! I added white LED lights instead.  

My son's little tree

My daughter's pink Flocked tree

My oldest son's tree

Hope you enjoyed our eclectic, vintage, modern Christmas tour!  Sometimes I think we have too much, but then it's also the right amount. Just a lot of work that is worth it in the end.  Now to sit back and enjoy the holiday season!



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