Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Laundry Sink Addition +Makeover

I was at the thrift store about a month ago and found the cutest hanging chandelier for only $15.  I googled it and found that it was selling online for around $400.  I mean come on.  I didn't have a place for it, but after careful consideration decided that I should put it in the laundry room.  Well, then it tail spinned into a complete laundry makeover. Isn't that always the case. You never know when inspiration will hit so these projects are hardly ever planned.  At the bottom I detail sources for items. But overall, I painted everything, including the ceiling, added beadboard wallpaper, wall storage, a new laundry sink and faucet, rug, window trim, custom cafe curtains, and accessories.   





The sink is a kitchen/laundry sink found at the Restore for a steal! We added a beautiful English inspired faucet and we custom made a counter and backsplash using birch wood with a faux Soapstone finish, tutorial I followed below.    We changed the undermount rod to a brass one and added acrylic clear hangers.

I took down the peel and stick wallpaper and put up beadboard traditional paintable wallpaper.  The cabinets and upper trim were all painted in the same color.  I am in love with the traditional English Brass faucet.  It was originally designed for a bathroom sink so we had to purchase a larger drain size when we hooked it up.

The upper cabinet door handles got a fresh coat of gold spray paint as well. Much cheaper than replacing them.

We added craftsman trim around the window which made a huge difference. I mounted a brass cafe curtain rod outside on the frame and sewed curtains with a french pleat in a Waverly french toile fabric.

I didn't spend a lot on accessories since I planned to pull blue delft or pottery from around the house.  I gave the chandelier a good cleaning and painted it champagne gold. Originally it was silver. We added LED candelabra lights and installed a dimmer switch. It turns out six light bulbs in a laundry room can be quite bright!

The light switch is Vintage Delft and it fits the new dimmer. 

I was pretty happy to find a runner rug that fit the space and brought a richness to it. It's a Vintage looking Scandinavian design in a flat weave. 

A great feature of the laundry room is now the freed up floor space. We found a wall mount Ironing Board rack to get that off the ground and also a wall mounted drying rack. Before both were on the ground and used up quite a bit of space.

Okay now back to our regularly scheduled laundry program!

Here is breakdown of room items, plus cost.
Paint on Cupboards and beadboard - Sherwin Williams Semigloss in color Rock Bottom - $45/gallon
Wall and Ceiling Color - Eggshell Valspar in Reserved White $45/gallon
Wood Trim for Windows -$100 Sherwin Williams in color Celedon (already owned)
Sink - Elkay Quartz Classic 25" x 22" Single Bowl Drop in Greystone Color, I paid $60 new
Bottom Cabinet Used from Habitat for Humanity Restore $75
Cabinet Pulls -From trip to Korea
Painted Upper Handles with Krylon Gold Spray Paint $7 x 3 =$21
Wallpaper Beadboard from Lowes $25
Vintage Ornate Porcelain Putter 6 ARM Candle Stick Light Fixture, Made in Spain $15
Vintage Painting $40
Glass Bowl with dryer balls Home Goods $12
Baskets from Home Goods Large $25, Medium $20 Wall Basket $14 
Rug- Garnet Hill $245
Faucet - English Vintage Style Single Handle Centerset $233
Wall Mount Iron Rack - Wayfair $18
Birch Wood for countertop $40
Faux Soapstone Paint Supplies $40 Followed this tutorial
Towel Bar Lowes $30
Curtain Fabric - Waverly Toile Ebay $60
Brass Cafe Curtain Rod from Rejuvenation $75
Brass Cafe Curtain Clip Rings Ebay $15
Delft Vintage Switch Plate Ebay $25
Plumbing for Sink plus tools $230
Acrylic Hangers $75
Grand Total Makeover - $2,176 (and cue the frown from Joe after I said the whole thing would only cost a couple hundred dollars.  Although if I put a positive spin on it, I saved tons on the sink, light fixture, and art! 
P.S. Make a budget beforehand.


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