Sunday, October 1, 2023

Halloween 2023 Indoor Tour

It's October 1st and I'm pretty much done decorating the house for Halloween. I was so eager to get started this year since I spent several days in July and August making tombstones and cemetery gates for the yard.  I have also picked up a few new things from thrift stores these past few months. So here's our Halloween tour...

I hung a five candlestick candelabra in the foyer. I found it for a just a few dollars and spray painted it black. The candles are battery powered so I don't have to worry about the house catching fire. 

The entry way now sports a vintage wooden urn that I picked up at an antique store.  The hanging bat is new this year too.  Each year I try to arrange things a bit differently than in the past just to make it bit less boring.


I hung floating black candles in the foyer that are controlled by a remote. They add a lot of whimsical charm. I used tiny clear command hooks to attach them to the ceiling. The strings are very thin clear fishing wire. 

I liked this hanging lantern that looks like a skeleton hand coming out of the wall. It's battery powered and looks very cool when it's dark.

This year I ordered some digital Halloween files from Etsy that I was going to print at home. For some reason the files were too large so I placed an order for prints from Shutterfly. They have options for large prints on cardstock in various sizes. I think I ordered around eight different prints. I had fun swapping out summer prints with the dark academia style ones. I also added some prints to the front wallpapered wall. Joe is going to love seeing all of the new stuff I hung while he was away in Europe!

The masked bust lady is new this year from Home Goods. I am loving Baroque style decor lately.

I found two very heavily beaded throw pillows at Home Goods as well. I love the dark gray cotton farmhouse fabric mixed with the glamorous beading.

This year we put our teal sofa upstairs and added these velvet chairs. Finally the living room has a cohesive look and also the colors just really work with Fall decor. 

My crows above the sink got a new stick this year. It was very easy to wander over to our forest and pick a new one out. My son braved standing on the counter to tie it up for me with twist ties. 

Fake worms on red pears for the kitchen Halloween win! I can't believe how realistic and gross these look. 

The "bar" area has quite a few new additions of apothecary jars and art work. Still waiting on the second half of my Shutterfly delivery so this is not totally complete.  The sheer lamp spiderweb lace covers are from the At Home Store. The metal Salem Brewery sign is new this year too.

I really wish I had the know-how to get this vintage wooden sconce wired in. For now I just put it on a nail in the wall. It looks so great.

Th eat in kitchen has the bleeding candle chandelier this year.  You can see that we've already burned them some. 

The Grandfather clock got some purple vines over the top and the chime adds a very spooky feel to our house this year.  What is creepier than listening to a clock ticking in pure silence.  The furry black spider is from T.J. Maxx. His name is Kitty.

This year I had so much fun finding books for the coffee table that include many from Grim Grisly and classics like Frankenstein and Edgar Allen Poe.  I added my stick of Sage too. The fortune teller globe adds a very nice touch especially when we get out the Tarot Cards.  

The perfect cozy spot for reading all those great novels. 

I found a few larger crows at Michaels this year. I still love placing branches in the corners like this to display the birds. Four velvet pumpkins placed in a potted plant turn the houseplant into Fall decor.

Another new Bust sits on the fireplace hearth. Her eyes light up red. 

I discovered Youtube has Halloween screensavers that will play for around 10 hours if you like adding ambiance to your house without having sound. Good for when you want to have music playing in the background as well. 

I had fun this year at Michaels buying lots of faux flowers with eyeballs in them or foliage to add to existing houseplants.  And I have to say that my existing decor is already pretty neutral so adding Halloween accents isn't too cluttered feeling. 

One of my favorite little corners is this one, where I keep a little upside down glass lamp that is basically a little greenhouse for several small houseplants. I popped in a few eyeball flowers and some fake butterflies and it really gives it a creepy factor.

The kitchen table got a new table cloth this year. I sewed one very large lace skeleton fabric tablecloth using fabric from Joann's.  I used black hem tape and hot glue to finish off the edges.   The white napkins are from Etsy. They have embroidered spiders on them and our initial. The stacked skeleton candle sticks are from the At Home Store. 

We have other little spaces decorated around, like the downstairs bath, but I think I make my posts too long!  Tomorrow I will share the outside.


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