Thursday, October 25, 2012

Velcome to our Halloween porch

Last year we DIY'd a mummy and shared it with you. He's been resting in our attic since last year so we pulled him out again this year. He looks spookier this year! Trust me when I say that every time I went up into the attic and saw him there it freaked me!

Here's our friendly spider that hangs in front of our porch windows. His big web flanks the glass behind him.

Our friendly light-up pumpkin now sits outside on our little side table. He used to live in our front window facing out, but he looks better outside.

When you stand directly in front of our door, you see this gravestone (purchased at Target last year) to your right. As you move the face changes to a grimacing skeleton.

So there you have it, our Halloween porch. More outsoor pics to come!


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