Monday, October 29, 2012

Woodsy PeaHens

We had our fun little neighborhood potluck this past weekend and wanted to share some fun photos of how we dressed and what we made.  We all decided on a "Woodsy" Woodland theme since some of the costumes were purchased last year on sale. One of the great costumes I found last year was this little 2T girl gnome costume from Target.  Here is my sweet E.claire dressed up and admiring the outside.

My costume was also purchased last year at a deep discount. It's called "Gretchen" but think I could be a fair maiden from the forest. :) I know it's a stretch.

My other sweet gnome child is here enjoying the fog machine in the living room.  My husband and I think his face looks photoshopped into a gnome costume kind of like the "Elf Yourself" from Office Max.    Those white patches of fur on his hat are supposed to be his eye brows, but his wee head is so large! His costume is also from Target.

My oldest son wanted to be a Lumberjack to go along with the Woodsy theme. He looks thrilled here having his photo taken!  I found his shirt from the Goodwill and the Ax from the local Halloween store. 

My very open-minded husband agreed to be a tree. It was that or a Mushroom.  I had trouble locating a mushroom costume that wasn't a "Mario Brothers" mushroom so a tree is what he would be!  He's so tall and statuesque so it works great for him.  And my oldest son had fun trying to chop him down all night with his ax. 

I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes from a recipe found here with chocolate frosting found here.  The tops are sprinkled with black sugar crystals and the picks are from Target.

I put together this quick snack mix that included pretzel sticks, Cheezits, corn chips, and candy corn. We also served sliced green apples with caramel dip, "Swamp Water" (Cola and Bailey's Irish Creme topped with dark chocolate shavings,) and "Cider Punch."  Both of the drinks were from Better Homes and Gardens online.  Our guests also brought lots of yummy dishes that included Mac and Cheese, Vegetarian Lasagna, Green Salad, candies carrots, veggie patter, and chips and dip.

Hope everyone has a very Safe & Happy Halloween!!

The PeaHen Pixies!

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