Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photography week 5

Week 5 of our photography class was the location photo shoot. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day so our original plan to head to Sarah Duke Gardens was out. So we all headed just down the street to the Nasher Museum of Art on the Duke campus. We had several "assignments" to shoot so here we go!

This was was taken at F/22 at 18 mm.

This image of the chair was to capture something from below. We also had to shoot it from the top, but this angle was much more appealing.

Here another shot of a peice of art shot at F/36 and 18mm.

This mobile was trying to capture an image with only 2 colors, not including black or white.

This picture of the ceiling was just taken for fun. Cool geometric shapes.

This child ran straight towards this art piece that said "don't touch." I think the mom scolded him later.

Here I was supposed to capture something funny, so my classmate pretended to fall for me. But it actually looks like he's pushing that bookcase behind him.

Another funny one, and this is because my classmate is supposed to be out shooting pictures but instead he was in the gift shop reading a book. I think it's especially hilarious!

This one was just for fun in the bookshop. I liked all the letters on the front of this book and the brown cardboard pencil holders next to it.

This was a piece of metal car parts all crammed together. Thought it looked pretty cool.

In the next two photos we were told to take any pictures we wanted of the tables and chairs in the dining area of the museum. In the first photo I captured the cool blue plates and white napkins and geometrics of the table top. In the second photo I captured a close-up of the table leg. Sort of abstracts of the assignment.

It was fun shooting in the museum especially since I usually don't get to go out taking pictures for 3 hours.  I hope my pictures are improving each week as I learn different techniques on my camera. Sure is fun experimenting with different subjects and settings.

Hope you're having a great week and enjoyed these photos!


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