Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6th year Mario Cart Sleep over

This post is a little late. I saved it as a draft a while ago and time slipped away!  Also, there have  been issues with storage on my blog, mainly that I'm running out, so I'm researching ways in which I can continue blogging without paying much. I love to blog about life here at the PeaHen Pad, but since my blog does not generate any money, paying for more storage space is not in our plan right now. So hopefully we'll continue to run the blog, stay tuned!

Without further ado, pictures from my son's sixth birthday party, a Mario Kart inspired Sleep-over!  With one special friend invited, we kept things simple. Wew!  Here is the cake, which is vanilla with blue frosting and a Mario Kart Pull-back race car on top.  

You'll notice that I also added a Mario Brothers mushroom on top that Joe brought home from work. It was a gift to him filled with candy years ago.

On the evening of his party which fell on a Friday night, Joe took the boys to a movie at the local theater. Afterwards they came home for Pizza and cake. They had so much fun camping out in the living room that night in their sleeping bags and flashlights.  

My oldest son was the last one to get one of these home made banners. I felt bad that I had made ones for the two little guys, but not for him. So I went to Michaels and found six different sheets of scrap paper in black and white patterns. One of the sheets happened to have a graduation quote on it, so I cut it out and glued it onto another sheet, since I liked the quote and wanted to keep it.

The quote reads, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you have imagined," by Henry David Thoreau.  I used yellow craft paint to paint letters on each one and had each sheet laminated.  After cutting them out, I used a blue ribbon to string them together.

I already had black, white, and yellow balloons on hand, thus reducing the cost of this shin-dig even further.  Not that I was trying to short change my son, but saving money is cool! :)

In the morning when the boys woke up, we made pancakes with strawberries on top. My son got to blow out another candle.  

I have to admit that having a sleep over with one other child was the easiest birthday party ever.  My son loved all the special time he got to spend with one good friend, creating happy memories for a life time.


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