Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas in California

We had a wonderful holiday vacation in California, thus no posts for a while.  Plus I've been wondering what to do about my blog since I ran out of storage space. I fixed the dilemma so onward with PeaHen Pad!  I wanted to share a few photos from our trip before we head home.  This is my Mother's Christmas tree in her living room. It's filled with all sorts of wonderful hand made vintage ornaments that both she and her mother made.  It's finished with red wooden beads.

We brought lots of goodies from North Carolina and I found the cutest wrapping paper at Target and ribbon from Michaels. The owl wrapping paper was made with thick brown craft paper and I topped if off with bright pink ribbon with a feather motif printed on it.

Here is our family on Christmas Eve at my brother's house in Redlands, California. We had a very traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner that my sister-in-law put together. 

We opened a few gifts that night from family and from us, one of which included this vintage TV for our daughter. I had one like this when I small so I couldn't help but relive some fond memories.

My oldest brother Ken bought the kids a Gingerbread house from Home Depot to decorate. How stinkin' cute is it? Of course it's hand decorated by the kids and looks nothing like the picture on the box, but my kids really enjoyed it.  And with so many trips to Home Depot in their past they were well aware of what it was.

Our daughter and sons had so much fun visiting their cousins in California. This is their cousins bedroom with lots of fun toys to play with. They will cherish our trip to California forever.

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday too and can't wait to start new projects at home to share with you in the new year!


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